Enterbrain Tohsaka Rin 1/7 scale

Tohsaka Rin from Fate series. She is quite a popular figure and she is said to have started the flame for “Zettai ryōiki” AKA absolute zone.

If you don’t know what it is, allow me to copy & paste Wikipedia definition of it:

Zettai ryōiki (Japanese: 硢対領域, lit. “absolute territory”) refers to the area of bare skin in the gap between overknee socks and a miniskirt.


Rin is a character from 2004 and I’ve been watching anime from around early 1990. I believe it is quite correct that she may be the one who really have kickstarted the absolute zone. There were female characters with mini skirts before obviously, but I do not recall any prominent characters with a really short skirt with thigh socks.

What stood out more was her color scheme, passionate deep red with pitch black was a good combination to leave a strong impression from her. She is also a tsundere character which was something new to the scene at that time.

Anyway, there are a fair amount of Tohsaka Rin figures, ranging from canon ones to kimono / lewd / swimsuit / race queen / magical girl types. I can safely say that you are able to have a shelf full of Tohsaka Rin if that is your thing.

The figure I am reviewing here is a canon Tohsaka Rin by Enterbrain / Ebcraft. It is not the most premium figure but not the cheapest, either. The reason for me to have chosen this specific figure was due to her pose and scale. Despite it being declared 1/7 scale, this is 1/8 scale.

Additionally, its price wasn’t over the top; I acquired this figure at 65 CAD from Ebay back in 2018. Her figure from well known brands will cost you from 200 to 500 CAD. It is also worth while to note that this figure was manufactured in 2006. I am unsure whether further batch was made since the first production though. If what I have is from 2006 batch, then the figure has aged well. Some of old figures I have certainly did not age well with paints peeling off or oil separating from its paint. I will review such figures one day.

Of course, price wasn’t the only factor.

My primary reason for choosing this specific version is that I wanted Rin figure to get along well with Archer figure. Most of premium Rin figures are of 1/7 scale and is about the same height as Archer (28cm) which, lore wise, is too wrong. This Enterbrain Rin is virtually 1/8 scale. It’s her pose as well as tall base that makes her taller than she should be.

Additionally, I quite liked her pose which I felt it was going well with Archer’s own.

While this figure may not be a premium one, the overall quality is good enough. It certainly does not exhibit faults often seen by cheap figures such as overlapping paint lines, lack of shading, and inconsistent paint quality.

I have three complaints about this figure though. While none of it is major, I should point them out.

  1. The first is the absolute zone. Her thigh socks and thighs are two different parts and there is a visible gap where those two parts are connected.
  2. Another is that her shirt (red) paint is a little too glossy.
  3. Her face seems off. She does not exactly look like Tohsaka Rin. I’d say it’s close but it’s off. I’d wager that it is her face width.

Again, those three are minor complaints. This figure is certainly very good for the value (65 CAD).

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