Tales of Abyss coin-grade figurines set

These figures are around 15 years at this point in 2022.

Coin-grade figurines are a set of small figurines for game characters. These were created way before the current trend of large figurines existed. They were usually created for game characters. Their small and inexpensive nature meant that a whole cast was often created in this form unlike nowadays where only popular characters are created in 1/8 scale.

I own two sets of these coin-grade figurines. One is for the Tales of Abyss. The other is for the Tales of Vesperia. I am reviewing the Abyss set here.

I purchased these around 3 years ago, back in late 2018 or early 2019. Not sure which. Regardless, I am actually making this final review on them before trashing them.

Yes, trashing them. How come? Well, the figures are leaking oil heavily. I cannot touch it without having to wash my hands hard. Additionally, some of the figures are falling apart, literally.

I’ve somehow managed to keep them standing and looking good for the photos but I can assure that they fell apart off-camera.

You may be able to spot the oily surface from the photos. Those are nasty and are not easy to wash off. It’s been a bitch to keep them off dust because dust loves to stick to that oily surface. I feel, at this point, it’s not worth spending my time maintaining these figures.

Yes, you have to maintain your figures. I own a fairly large collection of figures although I am in progress of downsizing it and have completely stopped purchasing any new figures since 2020.

Coin-grade figures are not expensive, nor are they hard to get. But these are fairly old at this point. They were released in middle of 2000, making them around 15 years old. You’d think these may be hard to get nowadays in 2022. But you can still find these for 15 ~ 20 bucks per on Ebay.

The figures themselves are quite alright. For such small figures, painting is well-done. There is also some shading here and there. You don’t find these level of details on such inexpensive figures nowadays. It’s too bad that the paint is leaking oil. It can’t be an isolated incident because all Abyss figures are leaking oil whereas my Vesperia coin-grade figures are fine.

Overall, these figures are worth their money IF you can find them in better condition. Perhaps those produced later may not have the same oily paint issue. Who knows.

Until next time.

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