Fate Grand Order Lancer CΓΊ Chulainn 1/8 scale

While the figure title comes under Fate Grand Order banner, Lancer here is as canon as he gets. And it took 15 years for him to appear as a proper 1/8 scale figure. Was it worth the wait? Don’t know, mate. I am just glad that he is here because this figure is already late by about 6 months at this point.

He arrived just as COVID-19 began to spread wide and was declared pandemic. So, he could have been delayed even more because all my pre-orders have been postponed until September at the least.

This figure is by Orange Rouge and it is the first time I’ve heard about this company. The packaging is a standard affair with nothing that really stands out.

The figure has its own base. I always want a unique base. It just makes an overall figure look better. But a unique base is not something you get for granted even if you shell out hundreds of dollars.

This figure is on the cheap side with it costing me 175 CAD. Average figure price is 250 CAD in year 2020. 10 years ago, average figure price was 100 CAD. 5 years ago, average price was 150 CAD. I can clearly see the rising curve.

Additionally, there is something that also determines a figure price: lewdness. A female figure showing a lot of skin in a lewd pose costs shit ton more. I have Suzune from the Parasite doctor hentai manga pre-ordered, she costs me 375 CAD. Her release date is supposed to be in May but I doubt that.

Well, onto the figure in hand, you see Lancer posing with his lance. His pose is an iconic one and I am glad OR has chosen this pose instead of a standing pose.

The figure is also well painted with no clear fault seen. Assembly was painfully easy as well. Well, nothing to assemble really. Put the base out, place the figure on and just slide in the lance.

My collection of Fate Stay series has strictly been canon. I also own the first two games in the series: Fate Stay Night (First edition) and Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. After those two games, I kind of stopped following the game.

Then the anime came out several years later and it became a huge hit. Of course, it would be a hit. The original Fate Stay Night game was mind-blowingly awesome. The art left a lot to be desired but when its plot was so damn good, it didn’t matter.

I wasn’t into collecting figures when I played Fate Stay Night back in 2005. I played Japanese version as well. I played the game without really understanding everything since my Kanji skill sucked (and still sucks). I had a Kanji dictionary out but, due to the amount of text, I kind of stopped using the dictionary early on. I had to wait for a hastily-made fan translation to get really going.

Long story short, the game left a very long-lasting impression on me that, even after 15 years, I am still involved in the series in some way.

The collection shown above has three rules.

  1. Canon character only in canon outfit. Absolutely no swimsuit figure of any kind.
  2. One figure per character.
  3. Characters from Fate Stay Night and Fate/Hollow Ataraxia only.

Choosing figures was a straight-forward affair until it came to Rin. When choosing Rin figure, I wanted a dynamic pose. I also wanted to stick to 1/8 scale if possible since everything else is 1/8 scale (with an exception of Medusa). I eventually ended up with Enterbrain version. While I loved Souyokusha version of Rin, she was 1/7 scale with its height at 25cm. Enterbrain version of Rin is also 1/7 scale. However, in reality, the figure is almost 1/8 scale. If it wasn’t for her pose and tall base, the figure height would end up around 21cm. I also took figure base off to reduce further height of the figure.

All in all, I now consider this collection complete with Lancer finally, finally, added. I know I am missing Gilgamesh but I am content on missing out on him because he was a jackass from start to finish and his screen time isn’t much that he could be considered as a minor character.

Well, thank you for reading; peace out.

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