Iron Princess- Duram Sherif

Duram Sherif is a unique character.

She is not featured in any media. Embrace Japan has come up with this character just for this figure. Such a case is not common but it does happen.

This is an old figure, dating from 2012. Despite that, the availability of this figure is pretty good still. Its price has been stable ever since its release as well. You can still get this figure for around 100 USD even in 2021.

Embrace Japan is known for lewd figures, and Duram Sherif is no exception. This is a full cast off lewd figure.

I don’t really get the connection between frogs and lewd figures, but frogs are a common appearance alongside lewd figures.

You may also notice that some parts are taped together. That’s because this figure is crap. More on that later.

If you can overlook the taped parts, the figure overall looks fine from outside. The shading is good. Her hair could be better though. Her dead-fish eyes are a bit of a let-off, but I suppose I can overlook that.

On surface, the figure doesn’t give off a vibe that it’s a lewd figure. It does give few hints but it’s nothing too obvious. Some lewd figures are way too obvious right off the bat. This one is rather discreet.

This is a cast-off figure, meaning –

Her clothes can be taken off like above. Not everything can be taken off though. You can see that her underwear has come off. Now, the reason the parts are taped is because there is no grip between parts. The parts are interconnected by tiny pins that just don’t offer a lot of friction.

Meaning, once you take her clothes off, they don’t go back well which is why some parts are taped in earlier photos.

The parts aren’t varnished, meaning attempting to take her clothes off will leave paint residue on her skin. I really have no idea why some figure companies let this happen.

Look, if you are going to make your figure cast-off, make sure to seal the paint. It should be obvious but this isn’t always done no matter how much you pay although the lesser you pay, the more likely that parts won’t be varnished.

Anyway, let’s get to the point.

Her private parts are alright for the price you pay for the figure. In fact, I will say it is exceptional, again for the price you pay.

Basically, you have two choices when you open the box for this figure. You either display as is or leave her fully naked after carefully taking her clothes off. Do not even think about putting it back because it will leave paint residue.

In conclusion, for the price you pay, which should be around 100 USD, this is an exceptional figure. You just don’t find a full lewd figure for that price often.

Just remember that the parts don’t have a protective coating, and they will leave paint residue if you aren’t careful. I wasn’t careful the first time, and the figure is pretty much ruined.

Finally, as mentioned, you either display this fully clothed and treat like an ordinary figure or you let her go full nude. Once you take her clothes off, do not put them back.

Until next time.

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