Viva La Dirt League

VLDL is Viva La Dirt League which is a group of Kiwi who do Youtube skits. Their most popular skit series is Epic NPC Man, followed by Bored series and PUBG Logic.

This is a Youtube channel I have been regularly watching for the past 3 years or so. They are a fun group of people. The core members of VLDL are

  • Rowan Bettjeman (Right)
  • Alan Morrison (Middle)
  • Adam King (Left) (Joined in 2015)

The core members, Rowan, Alan, and Adam, all have had some sort of acting career experiences. Rowman appears to have the most experience. He was even cast as an extra in the Avatar movie.

Now, these guys have been around. In fact, their first youtube (music) video is from 2012 Nov 20. However, it appears that they devoted most of their early years to music videos which never really took off.

When they began Bored series which is a comical slice of life skits based on lives of computer store employees, their channel slowly began to take off.
FYI, their first Bored episode is dated on 2013 Dec 16.

Even with Bored series taking off, they still spent a lot of time making music videos which, again, never really took off. As of 2021, Bored episodes have easily over 300k average views while their music videos barely have 5k views.

When Adam King joined VLDL in late 2015, I believe this was when their channel took off. Doing skits with just two core actors wasn’t really going to work out. They have had guests to fill some roles but they needed at least one more.

Now with 3 core members, in 2016 May, they began Epic NPC Man series. It is a series of skits about MMO RPG (Mostly WoW). Epic NPC Man skits really propelled them in Youtube subscribe numbers and they soon launched Pateron page.

They would also soon begun PUBG logic series and would become a dedicated skit channel.

As of year 2021 March which is when this entry is written, they have 2.84 million subs and their pateron brings 24,000 USD per month by 3000 members.

It’s pretty crazy to think that they hit their 1 million Youtube sub mark only on 2019 May, meaning it took them 7 years to reach that hallmark. They’ve certainly come a long way since their early days of music video making.

7 years to finally get going… which basically means these guys are pretty serious about what they are doing. I’ve seen rise and fall of many popular Youtube channels. Some rise really rapidly within months and then just fade away due to lack of new ideas. Some channels I watch never get to grow large enough to develop.

For VLDL, their stagnant years were between 2012 and 2015. When they finally found their niche, they kept going at it and here we are; two and half million subs as well as earning 24k a month from Pateron.

More money means frequent skits as well. I used to see probably only one skit a week. Nowadays, I see at least two skits, sometimes even three. Their costumes have gotten better, not to mention video quality.

They’ve also spun off a new channel for DnD sessions which they’ve begun in 2019. More on that on a separate entry because it deserves its own stuff.

Until next time.

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