GuP Kettenkrad theater edition

This is GuP version of a kettenkrad. This is the same kettenkrad from Girls’ last tour. I do not believe this kettenkrad made any actual appearance in Der Film though. Not sure why Der Flim is mentioned on the box.

This is actually a part of a larger project (Diorama). I am separating parts into smaller entries because it is getting a little too long for a single post.

This kettenkrad model kit is a rebranded one. You can tell by soldier parts which shouldn’t be present if this kit was created purely for GuP.

What Platz has done is include GuP materials, including decals. The box does include Miho and Yukari posed exactly like the picture on the box.

The box contains a paper of GuP comic related to the kettenkrad.

This is a simple model to assemble until it comes to tracks. It’s not hard. It’s just frustrating to deal with few millimeter parts. Thank God that you don’t have to do this for that long. Even then, it is frustrating to no end.
This is one of reasons I tend to stick with 1/16 scale stuff.

Once tracks are done, it is time to assemble the figures. I’ve dealt with Platz figures before and I can vouch that they are good. Platz’s figures are mostly (if not all) 1/35 scale. The quality of their resin kits are on par with Volks.

Even so, some improvisation are needed for their arms to perfectly align with the handle and such. I’ve gone ahead and attached their eye decals since I won’t be painting their skin because the resin color is already skin-colored.

FYI, I am not painting Yukari’s boots because they won’t be seen. After some final touches, below is what you get.
The kettenkrad is primed in black and then airbrushed with Tamiya dark yellow. This is a tiny model, so airbushing takes at most 5 minutes top.

As for figures, they were hand-painted. No point in airbrushing such tiny pieces.

I am surprised that the decal has an English version of Ooarai high school text. Certainly did not see that coming.

Overall, this kit is decent. There is no fault on the kit itself. Parts fit well and its manual is adequate. Decal quality is very good as well. This kit cost me about 60 CAD overall.

As this is a part of my Diorama project, you will see this linked in another entry in near future.


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