Girls und Panzer manga Jatkosota high school’s starving dining road

Girls und Panzer manga Jatkosota high school’s starving dining road

Continuation high school AKA Jatkosota High School.

The full title in Japanese is 継続高校はらぺこ食事道. I omitted GuP des Finale part.

This spin-off manga focuses on Mika and her gang (Aki and Mikko). And this manga is not about tanks. It is about food!

Which makes some sense since Mika and her gang are always short on supplies which is one of reasons that she always hesitates to participate in any tank battles. To repair tanks, they need parts which cost money in return. The same goes for their food supplies as well.

Meaning the whole “I am poor” scenario behind Jatkosota High School sets up a nice stage for a cooking manga.

The art follows closely with the canon style.

The story begins as Mikko complains loudly about quality of their food which is usually some potatoes. Then she mentions how nicely the folks from BC Freedom eats. I’d wager that girls from other schools eat well although this is never mentioned.

Food quality is never an issue in all other schools.

Mika comes up with an idea to please Mikko, and they basically go around schools to basically leech off. In the progress, how certain dishes are made is thoroughly explained which is why this is a cooking manga.

Volume 1 covers mostly Ooarai and a bit of Pravda, Anzio, as well as Kuromorimine.

In my opinion, the concept of this manga makes a perfect sense because of the unique conditions of Jatkosota high school. And I can certainly see how this series can go fairly long if the author is capable. However, I feel it is unlikely that this will exceed 2 volumes.

Simply because that has been the pattern for GuP spin-off manga. There are over ten spin-off series based on GuP universe but none goes far. The only exception has been Ribbon warrior.

Update on 2020, July 22

As expected, the series ends on volume 2. There is nothing worthy of note in this volume as it carries the same spirit as volume 1.

Below is Youtube video of the books.

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