A life is full of random events.

Wildermyth is an indie game by Worldwalker games LLC. This game looks a bit too simple at the first glance and it is hard to tell what kind of game it is by just looking at its screenshots and game description.

Indeed, it is hard to categorize this game. Basically, you roll three characters in the beginning and guide them, up to 5 in a party and more if desired, until they retire or get killed. Throughout their lives, tens of random events will occur. The characters themselves may marry another, resulting their offspring joining your team.

Each character has a retirement age. Upon reaching a certain age, they will retire, and you will need to recruit a new member to replace, should you choose.

The core battle mechanics of this game is based on D&D. Each character has an action and a movement. Some traits will grant a swift action. These are D&D elements.
Aside from the basic elements, the combat doesn’t follow any of D&D rules however except for temporary health buffs.

The graphics are simple. Characters are displayed as a 2D sprite on a 3D map, like pieces of papers standing on a map. Elements on maps are 2D sprites as well. It’s low tech and simple but certainly do suit the style of this game. They don’t look unpleasant to look at and are not out of place for the general atmosphere of the game.

The beauty of this game is little things you will start to notice once you have some hours into the game. At your first play, your characters will be new. Why does it matter? Well, as you complete scenario, they age. Once they age, their children come out. You control their children instead, and their children and their children.

You basically build up linages and you will start to care for them. You will certainly start to care more for some characters than others as you rack up your hours into the game because some characters will go through events you will become fond of.

Additionally, this game is full of random events. You can replay the same scenario but minor events will be completely random which brings up its replay value.

Some events grant wings. Some grant a gem eye like seen above. There are a lot of random events that you will rarely run into same events even after tens of hours.

Not all events are good though. You see the woman with a gem eye here? I was given a choice to whether to have it or not. I thought it looked cool, thus decided to have it on her.

Sadly, as she ages, the gem spreads all over her body. I think she is going to die once the inspection spreads all over her body.
At the time of this entry, the gem inspection has spread to her arm and leg. The game tells me that she is hiding a fact from others that her muscles are stiffening up. Not a good sign.

Overall, this is a pretty decent game to play. I have over 10 hours into the game at the moment and have encountered only one event that I’ve encountered before. That ain’t too bad.

As for classes, there are warrior, hunter, and mystic. While there are only three classes to choose from, each class offers a wide range of choices to customize that two warriors can be completely different.

You may also notice that there is no healer class. There is an ability called “Aid” that is accessible to any classes. You pick that up for a character, and he will be a healer.

Finally, this game is relatively cheap, at least compared to AAA tiles. I’d say its price is on higher end for an indie game. It’s around 30 CAD. Get it on a sale if you will, but I feel this game is worth 30 bucks for me, given a fact that I can see playing it for a good 30 hours at least.

Wildermyth – give it a shot. It’s decent.

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