Type 94 1/16 scale by Takom

This is Type 94 tankette 1/16 scale. This is going to be my last 1/16 scale tank kit from Takom because I’ve purchased all of their 1/16 scale kits.

The type 94 is a really tiny tank. I am not even sure whether this tank can be classified as a light tank. It is more like a lightly armored fighting vehicle that happens to have tracks on it.

I would have really loved Type 97 “Te Ke” instead since that tank is the main tank of Girls und Panzer Ribbon warrior. But I will take whatever I can get.

This tank kit might be the easiest one I’ve done so far. Because the tank itself is quite simple, putting it together wasn’t hard at all.

Additionally, you can see how small it is. This tank makes Panzer I look big.

This is also my first 1/16 scale tank model kit that came with rubber tracks. Rubber tracks make the whole assembly a lot easier and save at least an hour as well. However, it has its own draw backs.

First of all, rubber tracks don’t look very realistic. Rubber and metal never behave the same and have very little in common. But the weight is the main issue where rubber tracks fail to mimic real track behavior.

Secondly, the rubber being used in this kit can be glued with Tamiya cement glue. What this means is that it’s really fragile when the glue is applied. If you put too much on, the glue can melt right through the tracks, leaving you not much of a choice in repair.

In such a case, I found thatΒ stapling tracks together is the most reliable way to keep it together.

This is my first 1/16 scale kit that comes with a 1/16 scale figurine. Do note that the figure is made from an entirely different kind of plastic and you will need to use superglue to put him together.

Finally, I do not plan to paint this tank, yet. It is because I do not have any GuP character to associate this tank with.

Technically, since this is a Japanese tank, characters from Chi-Ha-Tan academy can ride this. Characters from GuP Ribbon warrior (Shizuka & Rin) can certainly ride this as well.

If I acquire a character from Chi-Ha-Tan, this tank will be painted in dark brown.
If I can acquire either Shizuka or Rin, this can will be painted pinkish red.

Since those two colors are polar opposite, I am unwilling to paint this tank, yet.

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