Ammo 1/16 Panzer 1 Breda painted and complete

This is a continuation from a previous blog entry. I’ve previously introduced you Ammo Panzer 1 Breda version. This is where it’s been painted.

It was primed with Vallejo black surface primer. I always use black primer for tanks. It gives a nice shading effect overall. I haven’t used other primers but, at least for Vallejo primer, what it does is coat a model in thin plastic which is supposed to help other paint to stick better.

I say “supposed to” because I have painted without priming before and haven’t really noticed a difference.

With tracks having been primed, it no longer articulates. And I’ve opted for an open hatch version although the top hatch can be forced to be closed. It’s not a smooth fit if I do that though.

The red paint is Tamiya hull red. I’ve also used the same paint for my 1/35 Panzer 4 for Miho Nishizumi.

A simple size comparison with T-34 in the same scale, 1/16.

Overall, because this is a small tank, despite it being 1/16 scale, this tank is just about the right size. In fact, I do think light tanks should be made in 1/16 scale. 1/35 scale light tanks are often too tiny to work with.

If you want something cheaper to work with, Takom’s original Panzer 1 version costs about 20% less, so that is an option.

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