Tales of Vesperia coin-grade figures

A relic from the past.

These sets are similar with Tales of Abyss coin-grade figures. These are roughly 1/16 scale figures of Tales of Vesperia.

Kotobukiya made these. You can generally find them on Ebay for about 20 USD per each although some select ones will cost more due to rarity.

Unlike Tales of Abyss figures I used to have, these exhibit no oil leakage issue from its paint. It’s either these aren’t old enough for the issue to surface or the issue is gone. I feel it is the latter.

Every main character is available, including the DLC character (Loli pirate girl).

The overall figure quality is outstanding for the size of the figures. These are about 11cm in height. These are very tough as well. You can handle them freely without any fear of paint damage.

Looking back, these are probably how the figurine hobby should have stuck to instead of what we have now. Nowadays, figures are just way too insanely expensive which has forced to take my hands off figure collecting hobby.

At the end of the day, these figures won’t break your bank, and you will get some satisfaction for collecting one by one. Both of those points are pretty rare nowadays when it comes to figure collecting.
These days, if you want a figure, you have to place a pre-order so that scalpers won’t get yours. What a sad era for figure collectors.

In addition, the quality is surprisingly decent for what you pay. So, go for these if you’ve been thinking about them.

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