Satonaka Chie by Megahouse

This is a 1/8 scale figure by Megahouse. It is Satonaka Chie from Persona 4.

This is a 2013 figure which I purchased around 2016 for about 200 CAD. The MSRP, if such exists for figurines, was around 160 CAD.

Back in 2013, a figure costing this much meant the figure was high-end premium, and it shows.
This figure is probably one of my most favorite figures, partially because Satonaka is my most favorite character in all Persona universe.

Satonaka is a curious character. Persona 4 features two tomboys, Satonaka being one of them. The other is Naoto who is a bit cliche in her tomboy character.

Naoto is a typical tomboy character who denies her femininity. She tries to speak in a low voice and simply refuses to dress up as a girl. She does not embrace her femininity at all. In fact, she has somehow brainwashed herself to believe that she is a boy.

Satonaka is a bit of the opposite. She braces her femininity. She speaks like a girl and has quite a high-pitched voice. Her behavior, however, is tomboy. She is a huge kung-fu fan which is why she is wearing shorts underneath her skirt because she uses high kicks a lot which reveals her panties if she is wearing one.

Thus, she is wearing tight shorts. To be honest though, it adds to her charm. Because she believes she has nothing to show underneath, she doesn’t hesitate to use kicks.

Now, if you, as MC, pursues Naoto, she makes a U-turn in everything. She will use her normal feminine voice and becomes really girly.

If you pursue Satonaka, nothing really changes except she will tell you her inner fears as well as her subtle desire in wanting to become more girly but circumstances preventing her to do so, etc.

In my book, Satonaka has proven to be a rather deep character.

Now onto the figure itself, you probably can see by now that it features several options. The upper body can be taken off and swap out for a second upper body.

The skirt as well as her green jacket can also be taken off.

It’s really hard to see through a camera lens, but there is a camel toe on her crotch. It’s a nice touch for a figure that isn’t supposed to be a lewd one.

Speaking of which, this is a top-tier figure. I can’t really point any faults on paints and sculpting. There is also no paint at all rubbing off each other. You don’t get these kind of features for a 160 CAD figure nowadays.

The only issue for this figure is the base, or rather the connection between the base and her foot. It’s fragile. This is a common issue with figures that is standing on only one leg.

Megahouse should have used a metal rod or two to secure the figure firmly, but the entire thing is made of plastic. The end result is that the figure dangles rather visibly.

What this ultimatly means is that the point of failure in this figure is this part. The moment the small two plastic pins break off, the figure would no longer be able to stand straight.

Of course, you can glue the part, but that is never recommended for any kind of figure repair.

The box also comes with Persona 4 symbolic yellow glasses. But these are really, REALLY, fragile that I’ve chosen not to use them at all.

There are a pair of them, so you aren’t totally screwed even if you break one. Still, I chose not to bother with them at all.

Overall, I consider this figure a masterpiece. It’s hard to get a figure of this quality no matter how much you pay nowadays in 2021. Even if you pay 400 dollars for a figure which is becoming norm in 2021, it won’t probably be better than this figure right here.

Finally, the figure pose represents Satonaka Chie’s character really well. This is who she is, an athletic and outgoing girl who has some issues with her feminine side.

10 out of 10, it is. Until next time.

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