Foil Arms and Hog

A trio of Irish blokes doing comedic skirts.

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Foil Arms and Hog youtube channel

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Okay, now, Foil Arms and Hog are a group of three Irish blokes who do primarily comedy skirts. In a way, they are quite similar to VLDL (Viva La dirt league). But, at the same time, quite different.

“Foil”, “Arms” and “Hog” are nicknames for Sean Finegan (Foil), Conor McKenna (Arms) and Sean Flanagan (Hog).

Their youtube channel started a long time ago in 2010. 12 years has passed since. There is no evidence of their traffic skyrocketing. But it looks like they’ve progressively, and slowly, gained popularity.

They are, first and foremost, a theater performing group. They perform frequently in front of live audiences in various countries. This is their main focus and has been so ever since their formation. The youtube skirts are just a bonus.

Their skits are entirely comical and sarcastic, and their topics are always based on real life issues in and outside of Ireland. It’s easy to strike them off as silly but their skits tend to have a deeper meaning to it.

The average runtime of their skits is about 2 minutes. It may seem short, but I’ve never felt that their skits are short. I feel their skits end before it starts to feel stupid. The only exception to this is their sitcom series where episode 1 lasts 6 minutes and episode 2 goes on for 18 minutes. Those two are the only exceptions.

Additionally, they are budget-minded, meaning their costumes, sets, and other stuff look cheap and clearly fake. Interestingly, it adds to the overall comedic value.

Unlike some of Youtube channels, they’ve stuck to their niche from the start. They’ve never deviated from their code. Often times, youtube channels don’t have a focus and do whatever until they find a jackpot.
Such is not the case here. They’ve always done comedy skits since the very beginning.

They have a few recurring series, such as “OisΓ­n & Parents” which can actually bring you PTSD about your childhood. Yes, it’s comical but, at the same time, you may shiver in absolute terror of your own childhood being replayed by some random blokes.

Just like that, a lot of their skits come close to home, sometimes a bit too close for comfort.

Overall, FAH is a brilliant channel. It’s not as fancy as others but it holds on its own firmly.

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