VHF Vol 9 2021

VHF is a magazine published by Volks Inc.

This is not free. It does cost 220yen. But, in my case, I found this in one of my orders from Volks. I think I know why. They held my order for 4 weeks because the item in question went out of stock just as I made my order. I did not communicate with them at all though. It wasn’t likely that I could talk to them in Japanese, so I just said nothing and waited.

Long story short, I assume they threw this in as an apology. And I must say I enjoyed reading it. While I could barely understand the language inside, there are plenty of pictures. And an old friend welcomed my eyeballs.

This magazine is, as I expected, very biased on Volks products and other stuff they endorse. You can buy everything that is featured within this magazine from their website store.

I am pleasantly shocked. I didn’t think F.S.S would still be a thing in 2021. Five Stars Stories, FSS, is a legendary manga series that has been going on for about 35 years now. Yes, it’s been going about for that long. It is not a conventional manga series because it breaks every norm you see in manga industry.

What you see above is motorheads, basically living robots. The golden robot is called “The knight of Gold” driven by Sopp (or Amaterasu).

I’ve come across some of motorhead garage kits but they were all mindbloggingly expensive. Those cost usually 30,000yen at least.

Volks have their own characters, and those two above are recent additions. Do note that they all need to be assembled and painted by you. They don’t usually sell pre-painted figures. After all, Volks is the DIY figure company in Japan. Therefore, it’s not in their interest to sell pre-painted stuff.

It’s another product they sell. It’s an anime character. I’ve seen her before but don’t know which series she is from. As you can see, the pages instruct you how to paint her. It’s a charagumin kit, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

Volks have been endorsing some D&D stuff for a while now. I think this is one of those.

They even sell clay or “artclay”.

So, that’s about it for this magazine. It’s basically a magazine of ads actually. Until next time.


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