[Megahouse] Naruto Tsunade ver 2 + 1

I am not a huge Naruto fan. I have watched the whole thing and did enjoy but it didn’t leave lasting memories. I have not and will not watch Boruto. In my book, Naruto series has ended completely when Naruto married. The original author also took his hands off.

Anyway, there are a few characters I do like from the series, and one of them is Tsunade.

Megahouse under “Naturo gals” slogan has been releasing 1/8 scale female figures from Naturo since 2017. As noted in the title, this is version 2. I do have version 1 as well. I don’t normally collect two figures of the same character but this case was an exception. More on that later.

This is Tsunade in her natural habitat, drinking carefreely. She also has got her slug which is her pact creature which is like wizard’s familiar but far more powerful.

It is important to remind oneself when admiring her is that she is in her mid 50s. She is basically a granny. By the end of the series, she is close to 60 or even over it.

But its anime, and anime magic is applied to her physical youthfulness. At least, she is not wearing a micro skirt which appears to be a common trend in Japanese anime as of late.

Jokes aside,
Tsunade is a deeply hurt person who has lost pretty much everything in her life. I see her love for liquor as a mean to escape from her past. Her reason for not having a family derived from it as well.

Now, the reason I purchased a second Tsunade figure is that I have a personal project called “Drunken girls” which is collecting drunken or drinking female figures.

Interestingly, it is really hard to find proper drinking figures. I wager it is mostly because majority of anime/game characters are borderline underage for drinking. Even if they are old enough, drinking is rarely a theme for them.

The woman on right is Kouhai chan from Tawawa on Monday series. She is an OL. She and Tsuade are the only ones I’ve found who are drinking or drunk.

Now, there are a few more I’ve found but they are lewd figures and I am not interested. I just want drinking women figures, not naked female figures that are shoving things into her private parts while drinking.

Anyway, below is the box shots from all four sides.

Now, let’s talk about version 1 a little because, while I mentioned that I have it, I haven’t shown it to you.

Version 1

I purchased version 1 back in 2018 for 130 CAD. Version 2 for 200 CAD in 2020. Back when I purchased version 1, I really thought that was it and I stand by that even now. If version 2 wasn’t about drinking, I wouldn’t have purchased it.

Version 1 is alright. I mean everything is straightforward with this one.

You may notice that the faces are little different from version 1 and 2. Well, no sculpting comes out exactly identical no matter how good you are. It could also be that version 2 has a different sculptor.

Other than the face, virtually everything is identical. Her boobs still remain to be gigantic 106cm. The color scheme as well as shading are identical.


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