Gintama Katsura and Elizabeth

Name a weirder combo. It’s hard.

Kotaro Katsura and Elizabeth … These two are from Gintama, and it’s quite hard to find a weirder combo than this pair.

In the world of Gintama, Katsura or Tsura as Gintoko calls him frequently is one of his main sidekicks. He has one of the highest appearance numbers and is just quirky as Gintoki himself.

One of his traits that comes to my mind first is his strong tendency to favor older women. He likes widows and such which Gin-san often mocks him for.
He likes to throw bombs and has a knock for being a total dumbass.

Jokes aside, in the story, he is the rebel leader against the aliens. He is a wanted figure and can’t really expose himself to public. Regardless, you will see him casually wandering around streets in Gintama with a weak disguise.

His favorite line is “Tsura ja nai. Katsura da. which translates to “I am not Tsura but Katsura.” Well, what’s the point of his disguise when he willingly exposes his true name? Even he doesn’t know.

As for Elizabeth…. Oh, that’s the white thing next to him. I can’t tell you what he is exactly simply because no one else knows what he is really. Even the author is confused as well. It is Tsura’s sidekick. Story wise, he actually purchases it off a merchant as a pet. It has stuck with him ever since.

In early story, Elizabeth is just a weird pet. Then, at one point, it appears there is a middle-age man inside of it who was presumably the author himself.

Eventually, in the late story, the author makes his kind a race of its own and builds one of the weirdest arcs ever based on it. If you are wondering what he is made of, I mean the figure, it’s hard robber. I can tell because of the distinct robber smell.

One of “features” of the Elizabeth figure is that you can place Tsura inside of him. This “feature” exists probably because Tsura once disguises himself as Elizabeth.

The box comes with a short hair option also. Tsura is rarely seen with a short hair style but, at one point, he had to cut his hair to disguise himself out of a serious trouble.

The hair style makes him look quite completely different to a point that I find it pretty amusing. It’s just hair length, but the vibes given off by two different hair styles are quite different. Not sure which one I prefer more. Both has got its own unique charms.

At the end of the day, both figures were purchased for about 80 CAD each about 6 ~ 7 years ago. Both are made by Megahouse. A quick Ebay search reveals that their prices have gone up a bit, around 20%, which is expected due to inflation.

Both are simple and straightforward figures, and therefore not much to talk about. When it comes to Tsura, you have a lot of options for him. I chose the Megahouse one simply because it is the only one that scales perfectly with Elizabeth figure.

Now, you have a lot of options for Elizabeth as well. However, only the Megahouse one is an actual figure. The others are all smaller decorative items.

Until next time.

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