Queen’s blade Elina Vance 1/8 scale

By Megahouse

Queen’s blade series is for adolescent boys. It’s not a hentai series but it’s not for general populace, either. It sits on the borderline. The plot of the series is not important. Those who watch this series do so for the skin. And, yes, you will see a lot of skin, but it never shows any meaningful parts.

When I started collecting figurines, I was always interested in lewd figures. I mean, any healthy heterosexual guy would be interested in such. A deterring factor in such figures is that, in general, well-made lewd figures are very expensive. However, figures from Queen’s blade are relatively cheap.

That’s essentially how I have this figure right here. Well, it turns out that there is a reason that Queen’s blade figures are relatively cheap.

Ironically, just like the series itself, it has no meaningful part down there.

I used to own four figures from Queen’s blade. But, as of 2021, Elina is the only one I have left. I managed to sell one and trashed other two. Basically, Queen’s blade figures, in general, are trash.

The reason this figure survived my purge is because this one was better than the others for a few reasons.

One is that this figure can be fully naked. This is one of very few Queen’s blade figures that can go full nude. The other reason is that parts are varnished properly; paint doesn’t rub off each other.

For your information, Elina is a younger sister to Reina who is the main character for the early part of the series. Elina is … basically a broken character mentally which makes her really good in certain setups…. I won’t say much more than that.

As you can see, her entire armor can be taken off. Her boots and arm straps can’t be taken off, but that isn’t really an issue to be honest. Once you take it off, you are presented with her naked body.

Which isn’t too bad, but there is no vagina down there. No Queen’s blade figure has genital present. All of Queen’s blade figures are cast off but they either don’t have any genital present or panties can’t be taken off.

But there is a caveat. Most of Queen’s blade figures are by Megahouse, and they aren’t exactly known for lewd figures. I do believe other figures by other companies do have genitals. But such are very few.

It may look okay when you see through a camera lens, but this isn’t a high quality figure. But then, given its relative cheap price of around 120 CAD, I wouldn’t expect a top tier figure, either. You can still find this figure at that price still even in 2021.

For the record, a decent lewd figure used to cost at least 300 CAD. Now, in 2021, those cost well above 600 CAD. The parasite doctor Suzune is one of proper lewd figures I have, and she cost me 360 CAD.

So, what makes proper lewd figures expensive?

As someone who has been into this hobby for many years, I think I can answer that.

What makes lewd figures expensive is nothing. They are virtually the same with any other figures. Granted, there are more efforts on body shading as well as sculpting genitals, but those are minor workloads in my book.

The reason that they are so expensive is that people bloody pay for it. Whether they cost a few hundreds or several hundreds, they bloody pay the god damn price.

Then you may ask: Why do they pay such prices?

For one, such figures are almost always made in a very limited quantity. This drives those who want such figures borderline mad. They either have to shell out the dough or they will miss out entirely. There is no other choice. Or one can let some random scrapper get it and pay hundreds extra later on.

It generally ends up cheaper to pre-order then wait for prices to come down. The latter decision is foolish because prices will only go up as quantity dries up. In a nutshell, it’s just cheaper and much less painful just to purchase as soon as it comes out.

That is the prime reason for figure prices to steadily increase over the years.

Figure companies do not mass-produce their products. They know it’s a niche market. They know that their customer base is limited and they certainly do not want left-over stocks. Therefore, they make just enough to satisfy their profit margin and they are done with that. From a business standpoint, it is certainly a wise choice.

For us, figure collectors though, it has been becoming increasingly painful, and increasing number of scrappers hasn’t helped.

Personally, I quit collecting figures in 2019 where I felt figure price was becoming borderline insane. Well, I’ve said enough in this entry. Until next time.

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