Fake Saint of the Year

Full title: Fake Saint of the Year: You Wanted the Perfect Saint? Too Bad!

And … holy fuck….

This is a four-volume light novel. Originally, I started reading on J-Novel. I didn’t get into this until late volume 1 where I started to sense that something. It was a gut feeling that I was reading a really good story. To be honest, volume 1 was … meh. But toward the end of the volume, I felt something was there.

What I expected was a silly isekai story due to the title and how the story initially played out. But it was something else; something much bigger. I’ve read tens of light novels so far, and this has the best ending, again so far. The only other ending I was truly satisfied of was the bookworm ending.

This review will contain spoilers from volume 1.

The story

Fudou Niito, a guy, gets isekaied as Ellize, a game character. It is a game he has really deep affection with. Being clearly aware of the fact that he has been isekaied, he is willing to go to extreme range to get the “happy END” he has always desired.

There is just one issue. Initially, he thought he was reborn as Eterna, the heroine of the game. This is understandable because he is reborn years before the game’s initial start. Ellize is the antagonist of the game.


What happens if a fake is as good as, if not better, than the original?

Fudou Nitto as Ellize begins to spin his brain to figure out how to make the “happy END” he has always desired which wasn’t possible in the game. In order that to happen, he must make Eterna the saint.

Ok, some context here. In the game world, there are saints and witches. A witch appears and begins to whack havoc in the world. 5 or so years later, a saint would be born. She would grow up and hopefully defeat the witch in question. This cycle has continued on for a thousand years.

Now, there can only be a saint and a witch at the same time. There can never be two saints or two witches. Here is the issue. Ellize has been proclaimed as the saint of this cycle by the prophet (a talking turtle). The turtle has never been wrong. Thus, people has no doubt about his proclamation. But Eterna is the true saint.

Ellize is fully aware of this and is more than willing to give up on the title to Eterna. But the whole situation isn’t … that easy. While Ellize may not be the true saint, she is a gifted person. Additionally, due to Fudou taking over her body, she has never acted like the antagonist of the game. Instead, she has acted like how a saint should act like, making people firmly believe that she is in fact the saint of their current cycle.

Fudou is forced to do this because Ellize had been the cause of Eterna’s untimely death in the game. However, a new issue arises with this. The story asks this at one point of volume 1.

What happens if a fake is as good as, if not better, than the original?

When the story asked me that question, I was like, …………………… Truly, my brain went blank primarily because, until this point, the story felt a little silly and mostly comical.

I was wrong. I was fucking wrong.

Becoming Ellize

Initially, Fudou as Ellize acts like a gamer. His inner thoughts are that of a gamer. However, as he progresses, his mindset begins to shift.

There is his sexuality as well. Initially, he may have a woman’s body but acts like a total perv, drooling over big boobs and such. He enjoys his time touching women as he heals them and whatnot.

As the story progresses, he thinks the game less of a game but a world he is living in. While he is adamant that he’d never fall for a man, he begins to find some form of attraction toward males.


Interestingly, J-Novel has released this series under “J-novel heart” which is an indication that this story is about romance.
I think not because romance is a secondary focus. But I can see why they’ve released this under hearts because this story takes itself in a supposedly dating game.

This novel…, it’s … it’s something else. I dare say that this is one of the best light novels I’ve read so far. I cannot say that it’s the best but it’s up there, close by. It’s helped by its rather short length, four volumes. If this series ever becomes anime, I’d be watching it for sure. 4 volumes is the perfect length for 12 or 24 episodes.

I implore you to read this. It’s only four volumes. Therefore, you could finish it in one sitting if you desire. In fact, you will be glued to your seat. A story like this is why I gave up on modern anime because modern anime rarely, if ever, gives the sensation of completion because anime only adapts from other sources.

One of the best novels I’ve read so far.

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