Gintama Tsukuyo 1/18 scale figure

Tsukuyo from Ginatam is an interesting character. She is a courtesan. That itself is pretty unique in anime. That’s a fancy word. In case, you don’t get it, here is a more commonly known word for it; she is a high class prostitute, meaning women like her generally serve drinks to rich people and such. It’s similar to being a hostess.

Speaking of a hostess, Otae, Shinpachi’s elder sister, is also a hostess but a lower class one. These kind of jobs bring in a good amount of money.

An anime side character who is a prostitute… Any other examples? I am sure there are but it’s rare, especially for a mainstream anime.
Though she does not actually work in that side of the industry. She is actually more of a bouncer than an actual prostitute. Her job is to keep peace in red district she works in and to make sure that girls who work there are protected.

In Gintama anime, her first appearance is episode 139. In other words, she is a side character but makes quite a bit of appearances outside of her arcs (2).

Personally, I would have liked a standing figure because a sitting figure does not go well with most setups. Alas, this is the only Tsukuyo you are going to find. I simply did not have a choice.

I sourced this figure back in 2017 for about 120 CAD. This figure was crafted by Megahouse. The fluffy base actually comes in the box.
And, while I do not generally do what I am about to do, I will take this case as an exception. That is because she is a courtesan.

There you go. Her underwear in its full glory. I will add that her underwear side of things are very well done.
Again, I generally do not go out of my way to take a picture of female figures’ underwear. That is because looking at or up their underwear should be a privilege granted only to figure owners. 🤭

Just to add, her underwear isn’t actually white. It looks white under bright LED light, but, in room light, the color is very light pink.

The box comes with a blushing head and a different hand, holding a ninja blade. I personally do not use this face because she does not blush frequently. The only time she does blush is when Gin-san accidentally runs into her boobs. Such as below.

Overall, she is a cool character. She has a strict code of conduct and behaves accordingly. As she is a courtesan though, she answers calls from customers if they name her specifically which, from what I can tell, no one does. The only man who has ever called her service has been Gintoki only.

I won’t spoil much about Tsukuyo’s arcs but she has a similar past as Gintoki. And they have certain chemistry between them.
Now, I am not someone who actively ships pairs, but if Gintoki ever settles down with someone, I hope it will be Tsukuyo.

People collect anime figures for various reasons.
For me, collecting Gintama figures is to keep memories. When I have some spare time and feel like it, I look into the figure cabinet, glancing at tens of figures as my attention moves along. Each figure holds certain memories.

When I look at Tsukuyo figure, I tend to recall her struggles. She may dress a little provocatively but she is certainly not a slutty character.

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