Girls und Panzer Avanti! Anzio High School

The full title is “ガールズ&パンツァー アバンティ! アンツィオ高校”. This is Girls und Panzer spin-off manga dedicated to Anzio high school.

This is a light-hearted series with a bunch of short stories involving pretty much everyone, meaning there is no central plot to follow. In a sense, it is an anthology but all done by the same person.

What I do like about this is the drawing style for Anchovy. She appears to be much taller and does look fairly mature. In the official series, she’s basically a loli. She is no longer one in this book.

Now, as for the story, as mentioned, this is a collection of Anzio related short stories, so there isn’t much to tell you without spoiling it.
But a common pattern shown throughout the book is that, while Anchovy tries to bring glory to Anzio, her subordinates often fail her. Or Anchovy gets a little too impatient and tries to charge while others aren’t simply ready.
Another common pattern is money or lack there of. Anzio students seem to use tank fuel money for food, making them unable to drive tanks when a need arises.

That is pretty much the gist of the story here.

There are also some stories dedicated to Carpaccio and Peperoni as well.
And, since we are dealing with Anzio, about 1/3 of stories are about food. Anchovy rarely seems to catch a break. She tries hard, for sure, but there is no result.

My verdict on this manga is: Pass it. The short stories are comic relief, period.
Meanwhile, the book does indicate that this is volume 1, so I assume there is going to be at least one more volume to this.

I do like this version of Anchovy though.

P.S. Partial scanlation for this book is available.

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