Make It Stop! I’m Not Strong… It’s Just My Sword!

Make. It. Stop!

Crow Titus is born in a tattered world where man kind is in a gridlock with monsters which are a result of a mysterious power that humanity had attempted to utilize as the next energy source after fossil fuels had been depleted. They named this mysterious power source “aether”.

Humanity initially used this power well, but soon greed got a hold of them and ended up making it go haywire which started to turn any creatures, including humans, into monsters. That was a thousand years ago, according to Crow.

Majority of men were killed, and what was left of them gathered together to form the last bastion of humanity. Crow, having no superior skills, is just trying to live a life in a village. Sadly, one day he picks up what appears to be a pitch black katana which turns out to be a cursed blade that is capable of controlling his body against his will. The blade seeks tainted souls which, in turn, makes Crow a good guy (against his will).

This is his … or rather his cursed blade’s story.

Unreliable narrator

This story has Crow as the narrator who is rather unreliable, meaning you cannot take his narration at face value. What he narrates is usually not truthful, so it’s up to you to decide what to believe.

Likewise, you will often smile or laugh at his narration because, the most of time, he whines about his doomed fate. I did pity him often because the guy just wants a girl to fuck and live a peaceful life. Alas, his cursed blade eventually makes him the hero of mankind which is the last thing Crow actually wants. He wants no attention on him afterall.

What makes his fate sadder is that the love life he was yearning for does not exactly pan out the way he wants. His primary love interest (against his will) appears to be of a woman who is about 10 years older who is approaching her “expiry date soon”.

Against his will

“Against his will” has been repeatedly stated in this review. That is because it’s true. Almost every events that happens to Crow are against his will. Crow as the story narrator will also repeatedly state that everything that is happening to him is against his will.

He even states that in chapter titles. He does everything he can do to let readers know that everything that is happening to him is “against his will” and that he begs us to rescue him, somehow.


This is not a serious story … as far as Crow is concerned. But those who are affected by Crow’s heroism (against his will) tend to have fairly good background stories, and their POV (point of view) side stories tend to be decent.

Of course, everyone misunderstands Crow for being the hero of mankind.
Now…, volume 1 was pretty decent. Volume 2 was pretty decent as well until two thirds. I felt a sharp downhill towards the end of the volume. You know when things are going downhill when a topic of NTR is brought up in a light novel.

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