Girls und Panzer: The Fir Tree and the Iron-Winged Witch

This is Girls und Panzer: The Fir Tree and the Iron-Winged Witch. It is basically a spin-off manga series like GuP Ribbon warrior.

For me, I do not like the artwork from the main series. I feel it’s too generic. I was drawn to the series primarily due to tanks and tank battles rather than the loli girls.

In this particular case, I was drawn purely by its art. Granted, the Girls und Panzer universe logo was how I found it in the first place because I was searching Amazon Japan for anything new to the series.

FYI, I can barely read Japanese. I can read basic sentences but, when it’s riddled with complex kanji and whatnot, I will become clueless. So, for me to understand this manga purely by reading Japanese is not possible although I was able to understand the general flow of the story by just looking at the drawings.

The heroine of this manga is Kohiyama Noemi, a student of Count high school. This high school appears to have been created purely for this manga.

Well, whatever, I purchased this manga for art and its art I am going to enjoy. The art seems certainly much better. Since it’s art, I can’t say it’s objectively better.

Meanwhile, the manga does have far more daring angles than what you see from main GuP series. There are also several panels where the focus is specifically on Noemi’s pelvic zone with her skirt showing her hip shape vividly.

For better or worse, Noemi doesn’t look like a loli. She looks like a proper woman which can’t be said for most of GuP characters. She doesn’t have unrealistically enlarged breasts, either.

And, without being able to understand Japanese well, I can tell that it is about Count school vs. Saunders since I can see Kay, Alisa, and Naomi. It also appears that Count school uses German tanks. At least, Noemi is using a Panzer III.

There are some people who like to see teeth in mouth from manga drawings. I am not one of them, so I am fine with teethless mouth drawings. So, overall, I am very much in love with the art. I have no doubt that I will my eyes out for 2nd volume as well as scanlation.

I cannot comment on the plot but it goes back and forth in time and that Noemi is low in confidence. All that means she has some similarities with Nishizumi Miho.
Both of them captain Panzer and they have low confidence.

If you like to watch me going through the manga in real time, there is a video for it down below.

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