God Eater Erina Der Vogelweide figure

A hidden gem among God Eater figures.

Erina Der Vogelweide is a God Eater 2 exclusive character. She appears in God Eater as a minor character at first, however. As her older brother is killed in action, she vows to become a God Eater. She is successful in her wish as she becomes an official member in God Eater 2.

This is a 1/7 scale figure by Plum. They’ve produced almost all God Eater figures, but figure quality has been hit or miss. The Erina figure here is a hit. In fact, this is the best figure I’ve seen for its price range.

Although its price in 2023 has gone a bit nuts, I acquired this figure not long after its initial release. I was able to purchase this at around 120 CAD. Its price in 2023 has at least doubled if not tripled. It’s not just inflation, I feel.

Because the quality of this figure is excellent. Basically, this figure has aged well. The paint is good enough and shading is done properly where needed. There is no stray paint lines, either. While shading is not exceptional, it is good enough. Some expensive figures do excessive shading to a point that a figure starts to look unrealistic (aka too artistic).

Another charming point, perhaps, is that the figure looks just sexy enough although I must point out at this point that Erina is only 14 years old in God Eater 2.

Now, in spite of the character age, Plum has still opted for cast-off skirt. Yes, her skirt can be removed.

Details are there. (Hint: Camel toe) You sometimes just have to admire the dedication shown by Japanese people for the female form…

Anyway, her beret is glued on and cannot be taken off. Her belt and pouch can be taken off however. Now, onto her God arc which is a massive spear.

Plum has not cheaped out on it which is surprising given its price point. The size of her spear is in scale with her figure, meaning the spear looks pretty big compared to the size of Erina’s body. It’s also top heavy which explains the support beams. Otherwise, it can never be displayed vertically.


This Erina Der Vogelweide figure by Plum is one of my most prized figures. Ever since quitting on figure collection hobby, I’ve either sold or trashed a fair amount of figures to save space. This is one of figures that I am not going to get rid of.

As a game character though, she was mostly forgettable one sadly.

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