Murai Family Tanrei Junmai Sake

The second Murai family sake I am getting.

I’ve purchased sake from this company before which was Murai Family Nigori Genshu Sake which was cloudy sake with whooping 20% alcohol content. Overall, it was fairly unique sake, and I was looking forward what kind of taste this one would bring.

Well, …. it’s meh.

Costing 37 CAD per 720ml bottle, it has 14.5% of Alo. This is not cheap sake. The cheapest you can get is about 10 CAD per 720ml bottle. Compared to those, this one is much more mild. That is about the only thing you are going to get.

From my experience, the more expensive sake gets, it get either subdued ethanol taste or good aroma. You are getting the former with this one.

I’ve been told recently that subdued ethanol taste is good for washing one’s mouth when eating sashimi. I tend to enjoy sake on its own, so sake with subdued ethanol taste is kind of waste for me. I would rather refer good aroma over subdued ethanol taste.

Until next time.

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