Masumi Kaya Brown Junmai Sake


I grade sake by its aroma. The stronger its aroma, the better. I also take its price into grading. If something is way too expensive, that’s going to affect its grading negatively unless it has got a God-tier aroma or something to offset its price.

I also take its taste into account although it’s not a significant factor. But, if something tastes unique in a positive way, then bonus points.

Masumi Kaya Brown Junmai Sake

Costing 25 CAD for a 720ml bottle, this is middle of range sake. This is filtered sake with a rather strong yellow color to it.

It has been a loooong time since I felt this aroma. The last time was about a year ago with Kijoshu. This sake tastes exactly like Kjioshu but with about 50% weaker aroma of the same.

Yes, it means it has a cinnamon-esque aroma to it but far weaker. It’s really not too bad.

What’s ultimately sad about this sake is that … LCBO has only 17 in stock online at the moment. That … ain’t many.

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