The Five Star Stories Appendix 2

Appendix part 2: GoThicMadien (GTM) AKA Mortar Headds

Mortar headds used to be the term to call the giant robots seen in F.S.S. However, since volume 13, the term has changed to GothicMadien or GTM. This is due to an IP dispute, I’ve been told.

Either way, this appendix part 2 will cover GTMs.

The source

The current GTMs we see in the manga are basically replicas of an old technology spotted from “the super empire”. The real GTM are called “machine messiah” which are supposed to be far superior to the GTMs we see in Joker time.

The super empire varnished one day out of blue. People have attempted to recreate their “machine messiah” ever since. The direct result is GTMs.


A GTM requires two people to control ideally. A knight will control physical / mortar functions while a fatima will take a charge of electronical control or nerve.

It can still be controlled by either person for a limited amount of time. However, a pair is required for full functionality.

However, under extreme conditions, a GTM may function on its own without anyone in its cockpits. The very first example of this case is in volume 2 where Junchoon destroys an enemy GTM on its own when they approach it to capture it. They did not expect Junchoon to function on its own which was the reason for their downfall.

The second case of such is when KoG throws a katana over to Junchoon because it needs a weapon.

The third case is when Christine V is on run from her crime of murder. When she is given a chance to be spared, a Siren GTM protects her with a laser beam. This Siren GTM has no one in it.


All GTMs are sentient. However, it appears to be depended on each GTM’s personality whether it will show any clear sentience.

Majority of GTMs don’t care who control them. Few select GTMs, like KoG & Junchoon, do care who control them and will outright refuse to function if wrong people are in its cockpits.

KoG, Knight of Gold, for an example, can be controlled by only three people, Sopp, Lachesis, and Hugtrang. KoG is afraid of Hugtrang, so she may control it.

Why is KoG afraid of Hugtrang, you may wonder. I think she got into KoG’s cockpit once. Once synchronized, a fatima can read a GTM and vice versa. My take is that KoG saw what Hugtrang really is. Rightfully so, KoG became afraid of her.

A fatima is generally able to tell how it feels once synchronized. You will often see a fatima saying “It’s feeling comfortable” or “It’s feeling fear” or something along those lines. A happy GTM will function better. This becomes a topic of interest in volume 15.

In conclusion, a GTM is a machine lifeform. Instead of blood, there is oil and coolant running in its veins. Instead of calories, it uses electricity instead.

The insanity that is Mamoru Nagano

The amount of efforts put into designing GTMs is pure insanity. We, readers, don’t really get to see it from the manga books themselves. We do see glimpse of his work put into GTM but not much.

That is until you get a hold of F.S.S. design books. I am including a scan of two pages.

The guy isn’t simply drawing robots. He designs it piece by piece and then draws it. This is an entirely different concept.

It isn’t just GTMs. Fatima’s uniforms are explained piece by piece as well, down to panties. This amount of sheer detail ain’t normal and I fucking love it. It shows that he cares for his fantasy world. It shows that it is his everything.

He is different. He is sticking to the one thing he excels at unlike others who continue to create a new series after another and see what sticks.

See you in appendix 3.

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