Junmai Ginjo Karahashi Yumeno Kaori Sake

Not bad.

I grade sake by its aroma. The stronger its aroma, the better. I also take its price into grading. If something is way too expensive, that’s going to affect its grading negatively unless it has got a God-tier aroma or something to offset its price.

I also take its taste into account although it’s not a significant factor. But, if something tastes unique in a positive way, then bonus points.

The sake

Costing 37 CAD for a 720m bottle, this is middle-high end sake. This is filtered sake with a rather unique taste. Well, first of all, the liquor has a yellow color to it which is the norm.

The taste, when in room temp, is flat. No aroma and slightly bitter. Some sake has an aroma only when it’s warmed. This is one of them.

When warmed, it has a very strong sweet taste as it flows through your tongue. However, its aroma that hits the back of your nose is something very different. It’s very … hard to describe in words.

The closest I can describe in an actual word is … chestnut? If you’ve ever boiled chestnuts and ate them, the aroma tastes very similar to it.

Overall, I like it. It has a very unique aroma. The price is a bit high but, when it has a unique aroma like this one, I have to give it a good rating.

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