The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent

The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent is based on a light novel series.

Takanashi Sei is an OL (Office Lady) who’s in early 20s. She is working late and goes home where nobody welcomes her. Well, she’s single after all without a boyfriend. As soon as she steps into her apartment, a magic circle appears on ground and she is teleported into a medieval fantasy world.

Apparently, she was summoned as a saint. There is a problem though. Two women were summoned.
Because the other woman was in her teen, thus younger, the crown price sets his eyes on the younger woman and boldly proclaims that the other girl is the saint and blatantly ignores Sei.

This, understandably, pisses her off. She wishes to leave the castle and the country entirely but is stopped by others and is begged to stay for the time being. From this point, she gradually works her way into a research institute where she brews potions which happens to be 1.5 times more potent for unknown reasons.

It is found that whatever Sei makes is 1.5 times more potent which leads to a speculation that she may be the saint. Soon enough, she is indeed confirmed as a saint. This is her journey as a saint as well as a woman.

Novel vs. Anime. vs. Manga

I read the light novel first before diving into anime and manga. The novel does not focus heavily on romance and is played more like slice of life. Because of its strong slice of life element, I was compelled to read. It’s pretty rare for an isekai series to be this relaxed in general.

Now, anime and manga play out virtually identical. It feels almost as if the anime studio adapted manga version of the story rather than novel in fact. Both focus heavily on romance and the wow factor which Sei demonstrates as a saint.

I’d like to say that the source material, light novel, does not play out like anime and manga. It has less focus on romance, and Sei’s sainty power displays are more subdued. Additionally, side stories with different characters’ POV are more prevalent.
In fact, only after I watched anime, I realized this series is romantic. It didn’t really feel any romantic when I was reading the novel. I tried out manga to see if it’s any different to find out it is virtually identical to anime.

I am going to say that both anime and manga don’t heavily alter the story itself. Rather, they alter its focus which seems to have a rather profound effect on the atmosphere of the story.
At this point, I am going to say that the novel, source material, is better overall and treat anime / manga as a different entity.

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