[Plum] Daiba Kanon 1/7 Figure

This is a review regarding Daiba Kanon 1/7 scale figure. This is by Plum which isn’t exactly a high end company but not the lowest end, either. It’s somewhere in middle.

The company, Plum, has a habit of declaring figures 1/7 scale when it’s in fact 1/8 scale or higher. In fact, all of their God Eater related figures have been wrongly declared as 1/7 scale when they are all 1/8 scale or 1/9. It’s a bit weird but not a big deal overall.

This figure is huge, simply due to the God arc. The figure itself is 18cm. With her God arc, the overall height becomes 25cm. Her real height is 165cm which makes this figure 1/9 scale.

Daiba Kanon is an iconic figure for those who have played God Eater 1 and 2. She does not appear in God Eater 3, so if 3 is the only one you’ve played, you won’t know what this character is about.

The character in the game has a friendly fire trait which means basically that she shoots at you frequently instead of just shooting at enemies. The whole situation is made worse by a fact that Kanon uses a cannon type God arc which has a blast radius that basically knocks your character into air.

In her defense, the game does clearly warn you that she has a bad aim. What you don’t realize until it is too late that it’s not her bad aim. It is as if she wants to shoot you in the back.

Her friendly fire was really bad in original PSP version I played. PC steam version appeared like 5 years ago (2016) and her friendly fire has been toned down to a point that it becomes just a minor inconvenience.

Still, that has been enough to have made her an iconic character which warranted that her figure would be made.

I acquired this figure years ago, like 2015 or so. I believe I spent around 75 CAD for it. Looking at general prices for the figure now in 2021, it has doubled if not tripled.

Plum isn’t exactly known to make top of line figures, and this Daiba Kanon figure is no exception to that rule. It is okay overall. The sculpting is okay. The figure balance is alright. But the painting isn’t high end which is where there are usual differences between cheap and expensive figures.

She is wearing what I’d describe as a functional outfit. She was a character from 2011. I am pretty positive that her wardrobe design would have ended up with a mini skirt with skinny underwear if she was released just few years later.
Well, later female GE character designs follow that rule. Surprise, surprise.

The semi-transparent support beam is absolutely required. The cannon is rather heavy.

Finally, if you are wondering how God Eater characters handle such huge weapons, those do not weight much to them because it is completely attuned to their body.

A fun fact: I used to use her huge cannon as a pen holder some years ago. It worked fine as a pen holder.

Daiba Kanon will remain to be one of my favorite game characters. She is a pretty unique character.

Until next time.

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