Girls und Panzer Avanti! Anzio High School 2

I’ve already reviewed the volume 1. However, volume 2 deserves a new review because volume 1 and 2 are quite different.

Basically, volume 1 has no plot structure. It is just a collection of very short stories. Volume 2 still does not have a central plot to speak of. However, the stories are no longer short. They are about 40 pages each which is enough for a decent small episode.

The stories are Anchovy hosting an internal battle against her side and the other. And then having a party with Saunders, a trip to Ooarai then a small practice battle. There are basically a lot more tank battles.

Anchovy uses (or tries to use) a lot of tricks to make up for the lack of fire power with often hilarious results.

The overall atmosphere of the story is still the same as volume 1. Anchovy tries but often fails rather comically. However, this time, the events are in a chain. It’s not strictly tied together but it feels like there is an invisible plot.

When I reviewed volume 1, I was fairly certain that this series would not go beyond volume 2. However, with volume 2 structure vastly improved, it doesn’t surprise me that it has “つづく” on the last page. There is going to be at least one more volume, and I am eager to read it.

Finally, this changes my original verdict on the manga. I initially said “pass it” as my verdict. It is no longer true after volume 2.
My verdict now is Get it. I won’t add “absolutely” but it has turned out to be alright. I will need to see volume 3.

The story lacks strong emotions from the likes of Ribbon warrior and Saga of Pravda but it has grown its own charm with overflowing positivity. And, subjectively speaking, I do like the mature Anchovy design. Personally, I am kind of sick of the current trend where majority of anime girls are either whackjob loli or bloody glamorous. This Anchovy stands in the middle.

I mean, she is clearly not a loli. She may slightly be a whackjob, but that’s what you get when trying to run a tank joint with uninspiring crew.
And she is clearly not glamorous but is feminine enough.

Well, I shall wait for volume 3.


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