Nigori Aladdin Sake


I grade sake by its aroma. The stronger its aroma, the better. I also take its price into grading. If something is way too expensive, that’s going to affect its grading negatively unless it has got a God-tier aroma or something to offset its price.

I also take its taste into account although it’s not a significant factor. But, if something tastes unique in a positive way, then bonus points.

Adaddin sake

As the name indicates “Nigori”, this is cloudy sake. You can already tell that it has an interesting shape for the bottle. Sadly, no genie came out when I did the thing.

Costing 17 CAD per bottle, it leans on an expensive side. Taste wise, it’s typical for cloudy sake which is faintly sweet when you shallow. In fact, I will say this tastes virtually identical to Nigori Creme de Sake which costs just 10 bucks. Why pay 7 more for the same thing? For the bottle? No, thanks.

Well, it is different in that this is the thickest cloudy sake I’ve ever drunk. I could actually feel some rice bits in my mouth. Other than that, I don’t see why I’d purchase this over Creme de sake.

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