Yuki Hotaru (Snow Firefly) Sake


I grade sake by its aroma. The stronger its aroma, the better. I also take its price into grading. If something is way too expensive, that’s going to affect its grading negatively unless it has got a God-tier aroma or something to offset its price.

I also take its taste into account although it’s not a significant factor. But, if something tastes unique in a positive way, then bonus points.

The sake

When I purchased this off LCBO website, I thought I was buying unfiltered sake. That is because “yuki” was a part of its name. Yuki (snow) is frequently used to describe unfiltered sake because it’s white and cloudy. Nigori is another word that is used to described unfiltered sake as well.

When I got the liquor, I soon found that this is filtered sake.

Costing 22.70 CAD per a 720 bottle, this is a middle range sake. It comes in a dark blue bottle.

Its content looks clear, but under a white backdrop, I’ve found that it has a tint of yellow.

This sake … is very mellow. It doesn’t feel like I am drinking an alcoholic beverage. No bitter taste at all, but I did sense a tint of an ethanol taste. This is very mild sake. I didn’t like it but I also have no reason to hate it outright. It doesn’t really have any faults and not good at anything, either.

Finally, it has no aroma. This is a straightforward alcoholic beverage, basically a weaker version of vodka with a tint of a sweet taste.

I guess it’s decent. There is nothing too wrong but nothing too good, either. It’s just barely above bloody awful level. It is still better than Gekkeikan Black & Gold Junmai Sake.

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