Denvar is an adult comic I backed on Kickstarter in 2014. Yes, 2014. Their kickstarter page exists still if you wish to view it.

This is by Jimmy Palmiotti who is somewhat known to this sort of comic. He has done it pretty much for his whole life.

I classify this comic as sci-fi and adult comic. The “adult” tag is due to a fact that characters do not shy away from making sexual comments, not to mention a fact that the main character performs sexual activities with his wife. There are also violence, a lot of them.

The length is 72 pages and they sent out a PDF version which is the one I have. I believe you can still purchase this comic from Amazon and other places.

The background of Denvar is explained by the comic itself very well.

Centuries ago, scientists speculated that humanity’s impact on the environment would lead to widespread global catastrophe. Given time, that might have become true. Instead our world was forever changed by the arrival of a rogue asteroid named Aetius that slammed into the moon’s crust.
The spectacular impact altered the moon’s orbit by only a few hundred yards. A deadly shower of rock and debris rained down on Earth for the better part of a week.
The devastation was unimaginable. Hundreds of thousands died in the fallout. The moon’s gravitational pull on our oceans changed radically in the years that followed. The tides rose to engulf entire continents. Weather patterns produced super storms that ravaged the planet’s surface. Few nations were capable of predicting the aftermath or forming effective contingency plans. Those with early warning scrambled to establish themselves in defensive locations within their own countries and abroad.


From Denvar comic itself

Okay, too long. The explanation goes on for another full page, so yeah too long.

Earth is fucked, but there are several relatively safe places and one of those is a mega city called “Denvar”. Outsiders want to get in but entry is heavily restricted.

The main character is Max Flynn, a cop of Denvar. He is a middle-age man who has two adult kids (a son and a daughter) and a wife (second).

He is a straight cop. What I mean by that is he is not a corrupt cop. He tries to do things by books and handles things as civil as possible. But, if you look at his build, you can tell that the dude got a spine and ego that shouldn’t be hurt.

Sadly, a group of terrorists who aim to harm Denvar does just that by trying to take his wife a hostage.

The rest of the story is Max Flynn shooting and blasting his way out of troubles.

What I do like about this comic, actually pretty much all Western comic, is that characters do not fuck around.
Two people are attracted each other? They have sex. They hate each other? They murder. It’s straightforward albeit extreme.

When compared to Sugar I reviewed previously, this one has got a lot of violent scenes. If you’ve watched the movie, Die Hard, you can guess the sort of actions you will see in this comic

Despite having lots of scenes where piece of flesh are flying around, the mood in the comic is actually fairly light. One reason for that is because Max Flynn seems to be used to such that he doesn’t take things too seriously.

The mood is further lightened by Jane who flirts with Max a lot.

However, a persistent issue with Western comic is that they cannot last long precisely because characters do not fuck around and everything is straightforward. There is nothing to build a plot upon because tension is not built but is rather vented too early.

Sugar has 60 pages. Denvar has 72. Other Western comics I’ve read, they go barely over 60 pages in total.

But it’s not too bad. It’s more like a throw-away comic where you read it in one-go and move on. In that sense, Denvar is a good one for that.

I believe Jimmy Palmiotti has started more comic projects after this but I simply hasn’t followed up because I felt his works would be more or less the same stuff with just different characters.

Well, until next time.

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