1 for all by Deerstalker Pictures

Deerstalker Pictures is an Aussie content creator group for primarily Youtube. Their channel content isn’t exactly easy to define. The group began in 2012 Feb as a nerdy channel. By their own words, their channel is or was about “lolita and fashion”.

This group initially focused on cosplay and related events. As these videos never really took off, they began cosplay + parody which took off somewhat.
In 2019, they began a D&D web series titled “1 for all”. The title basically means comedic moments created by rolling a nat 1 with a dice. A good call because Covid has effectively killed off their original kind of content.

This series took off very well. Since then, they’ve stuck to this.

“1 for all” is a scripted D&D show. Basically, dice rolls are predetermined for the flow of stories. Aside from D&D elements, this show is basically fantasy skits.

The main cast is 3 players + a DM. The players are … Well, let me explain a bit. The four people have different names in different scenario. The first name you will see is their names in skits. The second name is their names in their D&D room. Finally, their real name.

Evandra / Eva is played by Eva Devore. She is a half-elf fighter. She is usually a no-nonsense character with a temper which almost always backfires.

Antrius / Antonio is played by Thomas Taufan. He is a human bard. A bi-sexual human bard, might I add. He is a playful and flirtatious character.

Nixie / Nicole is played by Alessia Medina. She is a tiefling sorcerer. Now, the combination of being a tiefling and being a sorcerer means only one thing: chaos, and chaos she does bring.

Alessia Medina is actually a cosplayer at heart which sort of explains why she dons the most complex costume.

DM (Patrick) is played by Kendall Drury. He also plays all of minor characters in skirts.

Their skits are 5 ~ 10 minutes in length. They also make a good use of bloomer contents. Basically, each skit is released in two parts, the first part being the skit itself. the second one being bloomers.

The skits are played out like a D&D session. DM presents a case, players roll their dices, then a scene is played. As this is a scripted show, dice roll results are obscured.

And, yes, the cat is usually present in their D&D room. It sometimes creates interesting events, especially in bloomer shots.

Overall, this is an entertaining show to watch. I wouldn’t exactly say this is a D&D show. Rather they are using D&D elements to make a show out of it.

It is not required for you to know anything about D&D to enjoy the show, but the knowledge will help understanding why they are having certain problems in skits.

I personally think 1 For All was inspired by Critical Role. The rise of CR has inspired several Youtube groups to launch their own D&D sessions. This is one of them.

Before Critical Role (pre 2015), nobody really gave a finger about Dungeon and Dragons. I think it’s safe to say that CR has modernized Dungeon and Dragons.

Thanks to CR, there are even phone apps for D&D. So, yeah, they’ve had a huge part in modernizing D&D.

Until next time.

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