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URL of (Japanese) garage kit circles | Updated on June 3, 2020

Note that all the circles I list have something to do with Girls und Panzer because I am interested in only GuP kits.

Volks (ボークス) – I certainly would not call them “a circle”. They are a proper company with a huge catalog of products. Many of their products are DIY (Do It Yourself). Thus, they fall into garage kit category. A very good thing about them is that they continue to support even their oldest products by regularly manufacturing them in turns.

Ploy-Toys – They sell in events/festival only. Their kits are virtually impossible to get outside of Japan. However, GK sells them. They are recasts though. Their GuP creations are 1/20 and 1/35 scale.

Amie-Grand – Sells on their website and have a shop on Amazon Japan. Search for “アミエ・グラン” on Amazon Japan. They are probably my most favorite circle. Most of my garage kits are from them since they’ve made their kits readily available.

Bronze Circus (青銅CIRCUS) – I’ve seen their kits listed on websites but I am not generally interested in their kits. Mandrake online shop often carries some of their kits. They have a lot of GuP figures in 1/9 and 1/12 but their creations are really hard to find and expensive.

Maid-san – Like Poly-Toys, they seem to sell in events only.

EBO – Does not appear to be a circle at all. It seems to be a one-man operation. His interest appears to be mostly in mecha but has produced a 1/12 scale Darjeeling figure. His works can be found on second hand shops like Mandrake or Yahoo Japan auction.

Booth company (ぶーすけカンパニー) – They seem to specialize in figma type of figures, meaning their creations are almost always 1/12 scale. They sometimes seem to use cloth instead of painting. They have a few (4) GUP figma figures.

Heroine Workshop Dandelion (ヒロイン 工房 たんぽぽ) – They have few huge garage kit sets of GuP. 1/8 scale Angel fish team kit along with turret of Panzer IV, all of those in 1/8 scale. Comes in two wardrobe settings. Panzer jacket ver and Race queen ver. Given it is a set of 5 1/8 scale figures and a huge Panzer IV turret, its price is insane but I feel it is justified.

These guys play big. Most of their kits are 1/4 scale and have some amazing kits.

T’s system – Quite an artistic circle that focuses on mostly large scale garage kits. Event sale only.

Nightmare creates (ないとめあくりえいつ) – A one man circle. Seems to heavily favor chibi characters with cat/fox ears. Has one non-scale GuP garage kit set.

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