Heng Long T-34 1/16 scale RC

This is Heng Long T-34 1/16 scale RC. The box is about 58cm in width, 28cm in height. In inches, it’s 23 by 11 inches.
Basically, it’s a huge box. You can get this fairly cheap, far cheaper than what you’d have to pay for a proper 1/16 scale T-34 kit which you will need to piece together and then paint. I’ve got this on a sale for about 270 CAD (Tax/shipping included) in 2019.

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Ammo 1/16 Panzer 1 Breda Spanish Civil War version

I’ve been dormant in tank building for a while simply because there was nothing else for me to build. However, deep down, I’ve always wanted to get into 1/16 kits because 1/35 tanks are … just too small and there are no decent 1/35 figures to go with.
In 1/16 scale, there are plenty of choices for GuP figures.

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