[Volks] CharaGumin Senshi

Senshi is one of the four main characters in Delicious in dungeon (Dungeon meshi). He is the last piece of the puzzle for this project. If you haven’t already, check out my Laios, Marcille, and Chilchuck kits. Senshi is a dwarf cook. He lives in a dungeon Laios happened to venture into. The best way […]

Goblin Slayer: Brand New Day

This is another side story of Goblin slayer. The other one I’ve covered is Goblin Slayer: Year one which is about early days of Goblin slayer. This “Brand New day” is about those around Goblin slayer. It is a short two volume story. There is a plot though. It is that Goblin slayer needs a […]

[Volks] CharaGumin Chilchuck

Chilchuck is one of the four main characters in Delicious in dungeon. He is a halfling, meaning he, even as an adult, looks like he is in early teen in human standards. Make no mistake though because he is married and already have two grown up daughters who moved out. He confesses that his age […]


Sugar is an adult comic by Yishan Li (Artist) / Jenni Cheung & Matt Hawkin (Story). This is neither hentai nor porn. This is a comic for adults. It’s very short, around 60 pages only but it is a good read. This is an American comic which views romance completely different from Japanese manga / […]

Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji

Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji or simply Kaiji is another gambling series like Akagi I reviewed previously. I suggest reading up my Akagi review if you haven’t watched the series because I compare those two in this review. In fact, both are by the same author. Unlike Akagi though, Kaiji is far more realistic to a point […]

[TAMIYA] Kubelwagen w/ Feldmarschall Rommel Figure 1/16 scale

This is a 1/16 scale Kubelwagen by Tamiya. A kubelwagen is a famous vehicle on its own if you are familiar with World war era history. This car has also been manufactured by Volkswagen, just like the Samba bus. This ultimately means Kuromorimine will get this car. Tamiya is a Japanese model maker and has […]

[Threezero] Patlabor unit 1 ingram 1/35 scale

Well, I suppose it was bound to happen at one point. This is the first mecha I am reviewing. Interestingly, it’s not a Gundam unit. It is a Patlabor unit. I am generally not interested in robots because I find them too unrealistic. Now, I have enjoyed Gundam series but I’ve never collected or built […]

Photograph: Partners in crime

This scene is only possible because Alisa is known to cheat. The 155mm howitzer used in the scene cannot technically be used in Girls und Panzer universe, but she has shown to bring stuff that are forbidden. The scene scenario is as following.Alisa brings in a 155mm howitzer and is setting it up. Naomi is […]

[I ❤️ kit] US M198 155mm Towed Howitzer 1/16 scale

This is a 155mm howitzer. It’s basically a big gun with wheels. Since this is US origin, it will go to Saunders. It does not strictly belong to Girls und Panzer universe, but Alisa is known to cheat. This howitzer first appeared in 1970, so yes, technically it cannot appear in Girls und Panzer universe. […]

Critical Role

Critical role is a group of “nerdy-ass voice actors playing dungeons and dragons”. Dungeons and Dragons, AKA D&D or DnD, is a table top fantasy RPG game. Its appeal has always been limited and its appeal as a show has been even more limited due to its traditionally boring nature of watching a group of […]

[Bronze Circus] Clara 1/9 scale garage kit

This is a 1/9 scale Clara garage kit. I’ve sourced this from Yahoo Japan auction for 9,000 yen. Now, I was gambling on this kit because I could not see any eye decals in photos on the auction page. All parts seemed to be there but no eye decal. The auction clearly stated that it […]

Gintama Sakata Gintoki & Ginko

These are figures for Sakata Gintoki and Sakata Ginko from Gintama. These two are the same characters. In Gintama dekobokko arc, there was a gender change scenario. While the arc only lasted three episodes, it warranted a 1/8 scale form of Ginko. Both are from Megahouse. Gintiko figure cost me around 80 CAD some years […]

[Amie-Grand] Pravda girls’ school kit

This is a 1/16 scale Amie-Grand Pravda school kit. Now, I already have worked on this kit previously and have all three characters. The reason I purchased another kit is that there is a second configuration for Katyusha and Nonna which is an iconic one where Katyusha sits on Nonna. I actually have forgotten about […]

Gintama Okita Sougo + Souko

This is Okita Sougo and Souko from Gintama. If you are familiar with the series, you’d know that they are the same characters. I am going to review both of them in the same article. Okita Sougo is the original one. Okita Souko is from Dekobokko arc (Gender Exchange). The arc lasted only 3 episodes […]

Volks Akagi Shigeru non-scale

This is Akagi Shigeru non-scale by Volks. There are very few Akagi figures. I believe there are only two. None of the two is pre-painted. Interestingly, this is my very first male garage kit that I am going to work on. If you don’t know anything about Akagi series, I will briefly explain. It is […]

Touhai Densetsu Akagi

Touhai Densetsu Akagi, or simply Akagi, is a niche series. It is a gambling series and has both manga and anime adaptation to enjoy. I will be covering the anime here. The series starts as a man under heavy debt is playing Mahjong with a Yakuza gang. It is literally a gamble of his life. […]

Revell Volkswagen T1 1/16 scale

This is a 1/16 scale Volkswagen T1 AKA Samba bus. It has many names, the Samba, VW Samba, etc. All in all, this is an iconic vehicle. Interestingly, this is my very first vehicle model to assemble. I am generally not interested in car models. You can say that this Volkswagen T1 is an exception […]

GuP: Fierce Fight! It’s the Maginot Battle!

This is a 2-volume spin-off manga of Girls und Panzer. It is drawn by the same artist who drew the original 4-volume main story. This manga was released in 2015. In the canon story, Ooarai has only one practice battle against St. Gloriana before facing Saunders in the official tournament. This manga squeezes in another […]

Anchovy 1/35 scale by IKAROS publications LTD

Well, this is an interesting product. The full name for this thing is ” イカロス出版 ガールズ&パンツァープラッツモデルカステン アンチョビ 特典 ” I just sometimes don’t get how Japanese names their products. Well, basically, it is a pre-painted 1/35 scale Anchovy figure for AFV (Armor Fighting vehicle) by Ikaros publications LTD. Let me make shorter. It’s a 1/35 […]

Girls und Panzer der Film Variante

This is a manga version of Girls und Panzer der Film the movie. It is not a spin-off series but can’t be considered canon, either, since the movie is the original material. The best way to describe this is a supplemental material to Der flim. Or I suppose you can skip the movie itself and […]

GuP diorama project: Jatkosota remake

I’ve decided to remake my GuP Jatkosota diorama. The main reason for this is that I am not pleased with how the ground has been done. I mean, it is basically a simple grass field, nothing else.

Gintama Tsukuyo 1/18 scale figure

Tsukuyo from Ginatam is an interesting character. She is a courtesan. That itself is pretty unique in anime. That’s a fancy word. In case, you don’t get it, here is a more commonly known word for it; she is a high class prostitute, meaning women like her generally serve drinks to rich people and such. […]

Photography: Rabbit in mud

When I make a diorama, I generally do a photograph project out of it. Since I’ve just finished a diorama, Rabbit in mud, it’s only natural that I’ve done this. If you have no idea which diorama project I am talking about, click HERE for its build blog.

GuP Diorama project: Rabbit in mud

It’s been a while since the last time I’ve done a diorama. The last one I made was in June or July of 2019. So, it’s been over a year. Diorama projects are not easy to undertake due to extensive planning as well as sourcing numerous materials to put together. Perhaps the most importantly, imagination […]

Photography: Let me hug you.

This is a photo using the new tank (or SPG) I’ve built, SU-100. I’ve also found darker play-sand and am using it here. It’s really dry though. I guess it’s been sitting in a storage for years if not a decade. The sand is supposed to be sealed but the seal was literally broken down […]

Trumpeter SU-100 Tank destroyer 1/16 scale

This is a World war era tank. More specifically, this is a Soviet tank. Well, it’s not exactly a tank by definition. This is a self-propelled gun (SPG). But I will call it tank in this article because, in the case of SU series, the difference is really minor. A very similar “tank” to SU-100 […]

Girls und Panzer Phase Erika

This is a Girls und Panzer spin-off series specifically focusing on Erika as its MC. This was released in 2017. This spin-off manga is well deserved since the main story barely covers her. She is a fairly important character and does take over as the commander of Kuromorimine once Maho graduates. This review will contain […]

Yagyuu Kyuubei 1/8 figure

This is a 1/8 scale Yagyuu Kyuubei figure from Gintama. This figure was one of the first ones I acquired when I began to collect figures. Released in 2013, I purchased this for about 90 CAD in 2016. This was right before figure price would begin to increase significantly. Kyuubei is a side character in […]

Platz GuP Rabbit team kit

This is a part of a diorama project. GuP Kettenkrad theater edition is another part of the project. This is the whole team of GuP Rabbit team. There are six members to this team, all in painful 1/35 scale to work with. Ugh. The price for this kit is surprisingly high. It cost me 6,500 […]


My site may be full of Girls und Panzer related stuff, but my most favorite anime is Gintama. Don’t believe me? Look at this cabinet full of Gintama figures. I collected pretty much everything there is to the series, including manga books. Gintama is a weird series to specifically categorize. It is mostly comedic parody […]

GuP Kettenkrad theater edition

This is GuP version of a kettenkrad. This is the same kettenkrad from Girls’ last tour. I do not believe this kettenkrad made any actual appearance in Der Film though. Not sure why Der Flim is mentioned on the box. This is actually a part of a larger project (Diorama). I am separating parts into […]

Girls und Panzer

I guess I should have covered this anime a long time ago. After all, this whole site seems to be pretty much dedicated to the series. While true, that is not the focus of this site.

Classy Hobby M5A1 Stuart 1/16 scale kit

Finally, at last, I have a tank for Saunders. This M5A1 Stuart tank will be strictly for Alisa. M5A1 Stuart is an American light tank and it belongs rightfully to Saunders school. In Ribbon warrior, Alisa drives M22 Locust, but Stuart tank is close enough. Both are American tanks and light classes. Stuart is an […]

Photography: Angel fish team assemble!

I’ve had a vision for this photography for some time. It has taken me months to be able to produce this. The stuff involved in this photo are Panzer IV 1/16 scale (Full kit), Volks 1/16 scale Angelfish team members (Miho, Mako, Hana, Saori, and Yukari). All of these stuff are fairly easy to obtain. […]

Volks CharaGumin Nishizumi Miho 1/16 scale

This is a part of my Angelfish project. Miho added, everyone will be here. More on Yukari at the end of this post. There are some choices when it comes to Miho in 1/16 scale. After all, she is supposedly the main character in Girls und Panzer universe. In 1/16 scale, Volks have one. Medicom-Toy […]

Volks CharaGumin Takebe Saori 1/16 scale

This is a continuation of one of my projects which is gathering the full member of Angelfish team along with their Panzer IV tank all in unified 1/16 scale. So far, I have the tank, Mako, Hana, and now Saori. This is Takabe Saori 1/16 scale garage kit by Volks. When it comes to Saori, […]

Photography: Rosehip 3

Yet another Rosehip scene. Can you blame me though, the girl is hilarious. This is the first time I use play-sand or “slimy sand”. The reason I use this instead of regular plain ol’ sand is due to cleanup. Sand, as some people claim, “gets in everywhere”. It’s hard to shape as well. I’d have […]

[Bronze Circus] GuP Ogin 1/9 scale garage kit

This is a 1/9 scale garage kit of Ogin from Girls und Panzer. This kit has been made by Bronze circus, and this is my very first kit by the circle. I purchased this off Mandrake for 8,000 yen which is almost half the price of original 15,000 yen they ask for. I chose EMS […]

Photography: Rosehip 2

This photograph is entirely based on Rosehip & Assam garage kit by Nightmare creates. The moment I saw the garage kit on Yahoo Auction Japan, the concept of this photo simply popped up in my mind. Well., perhaps not exactly the same. I had a 1/16 scale crusader tank in my head but such a […]

Cross Game

Ah, Adachi Mitsuru, in his whole life, he has basically been creating the same stuff over, over, and over. For some reasons though, I’ve never felt boring about his repeated works. His art style has evolved over years as well, not much but it has become smoother to look at. Of all of his creations, […]

Volks CharaGumin Isuzu Hana 1/16 scale

This is Isuzu Hana 1/16 scale garage kit by Volks. When it comes to Hana, your choices are quite limited, and when it comes to 1/16 scale, you don’t even have much of a choice. I think this is the only one. There is another in 1/20 scale though by Poly-Toys. Calling this a garage […]

Girls und Panzer Saga of Pravda

Full title is “ガールズ&パンツァー プラウダ戦記”. “ガールズ&パンツァー” is Girls und Panzer. “プラウダ” is Pravda. “戦記” is senki, meaning a military story of some sort. Thankfully, the cover tells you that it should be translated as saga. This is a spin-off manga for Girls und Panzer universe. This story takes a specific focus on Katyusha in her […]

Photography: Rosehip

There are a lot of ways to make some comical scenes with Roseship. I suppose this is one of them. Speaking of Rosehip, the anime doesn’t really cover her. In Ribbon warrior though, she gets a fair amount of coverage along with Pekoe. She (Rosehip) also makes an appearance in Saga of Pravda as well. […]

[Soft-shell Crab] Tsuruki Shizuka garage kit

I’ve been looking for this garage kit for a long time. In fact, for the past 2 years, I’ve checked Yahoo Japan auction site almost daily in what I felt a vain hope to find it. Every evidence I’ve come across pointed out that this kit is rare. It isn’t because it is in high […]

Trumpeter 1/16 scale Panzer IV Ausf.F2

This is a Trumpeter 1/16 scale Panzer IV F2 version. There are a fair amount of Panzer IV 1/16 scale model kits. However, most of them are late versions with armor skirts. I wanted to avoid the armor skirts because I am going to add the entire Angel fish team on the tank, and armor […]

[Murasame] Chibi Anchovy with CV33 garage kit

This is a garage kit by a person who goes by “Murasame”. It is not a circle. He apparently uses a middle man to sell his crafts at various events. All of his works are chibi characters and this was no exception. Notably, he has created chibi characters of Mika, Aki, Mikko, and Anchovy, Pepperoni, […]

Girls und Panzer Avanti! Anzio High School

The full title is “ガールズ&パンツァー アバンティ! アンツィオ高校”. This is Girls und Panzer spin-off manga dedicated to Anzio high school.

Grand Blue Dreaming

Grand Blue Dreaming is a series I’ve come across as anime first. I laughed my arse off for pretty much the entirety of the series, eventually resulting some sort of facial spasms. I was hoping for season 2 but that looks unlikely.

Goblin Slayer: Year One

Goblin slayer: Year one is a side story to Goblin slayer. This series takes about 5 years before the original Goblin slayer. I am guessing that because the guild girl from the original story says she has known Goblin slayer for that long. The guild girl does still show up in this side story as […]

GuP Anthology Saunders

There is nothing much to talk about this manga book. It is an anthology of Girls und Panzer, focused on specifically Saunders, Kay, Naomi, and Alisa. Alisa seems to receive the most screentime. There is no central plot to follow but this is an anthology. That’s to be expected. The drawing puts me off slightly […]

Goblin Slayer

Before I begin, I will mostly focus on manga instead of the anime adaptation. Goblin Slayer is a fairly odd manga. Put harem, hentai, guild anime in a blender and mix it all together, and you will have Goblin slayer. This manga and its anime adaptation are certainly not going to be for everyone.

Kouhai-chan from Tawawa on Monday by GSC

This is Kouhai-chan from Tawawa on Monday by Good Smile Company. The scale of this figure is unspecified, but I think it is a 1/7 figure.

Girls und Panzer manga Jatkosota high school’s starving dining road

Continuation high school AKA Jatkosota High School. The full title in Japanese is 継続高校はらぺこ食事道. I omitted GuP des Finale part. This spin-off manga focuses on Mika and her gang (Aki and Mikko). And this manga is not about tanks. It is about food!

[Nightmare creates] Rosehip & Assam non-scale garage kit

There are plenty of Roseship figures and garage kits out in the wild. Most of them are similar to each other. As a hyperactive girl, majority of Rosehip figures/garage kits reflect her athleticism or mishaps of that.

Photography: Offering help

This is yet another photography project of mine. This scene involves, two patches of artificial glass, a 1/16 Heng Long T-34 RC, a 1/16 scale Hobby Boss Tiger I, 1/16 scale Medicom-toy Katyusha, Erika and Maho as well as Amie-Grand 1/16 scale Clara and Koume.

Photography: Field trip

This is a photography project which I titled “Field trip”. The actual full title is “Field trip gone wrong”. The scene props are artificial glass patch x 2, 1/16 scale Panzer I Breda version, 1/16 scale Volks Maco, 1/16 scale Medicom Miho, 1/16 scale Overdard Yukari.

[Amie-Grand] GuP Flint 1/12 scale garage kit

This is Flint garage kit, 1/12 scale. You may not remember the name Flint but you should remember the singing girl if you have watched Girls und Panzer des finale 1. The girl’s name is Flint which is an alias. It’s also probably worth a mention that Flint is probably the only girl who wears […]

[Poly-Toys] GuP Nishi Kinuyo 1/20 scale garage kit

So, I’ve finally acquired an authentic, genuine, garage kit from Poly-Toys. Their kits are hard to find in Japan, not to mention exceptionally high prices to boot. So far, I’ve been getting recast kits from GK but I was always willing to pay extra for an authentic kit.

[Amie-Grand] Katyusha 💓 Nonna 1/8 scale garage kit

This is a garage kit of Katyusha and Nonna by Amie-Grand. This kit caught me by surprise because I wasn’t even aware of that Amie-Grand made these. Even on their website, I was unable to find this kit and their online shop doesn’t list it.

Girls und Panzer: Ribbon warrior

It’s safe to say that I am a big fan of Girls und Panzer. I’ve collected tens of figures, made tens of tanks,made tens of garage kits and made four dioramas from the series.

Nier Replicant Nier and Emile Action Figures

The full name of the set is “NIER REPLICANT BRING ARTS™ NIER & EMIL SET” by Square Enix. This is a set of four action figures from Nier PS3 game which include Nier, Kaine, Emil, and Grimoire Noir.

Enterbrain Tohsaka Rin 1/7 scale

Tohsaka Rin from Fate series. She is quite a popular figure and she is said to have started the flame for “Zettai ryōiki” AKA absolute zone. If you don’t know what it is, allow me to copy & paste Wikipedia definition of it:

Fate Grand Order Lancer Cú Chulainn 1/8 scale

While the figure title comes under Fate Grand Order banner, Lancer here is as canon as he gets. And it took 15 years for him to appear as a proper 1/8 scale figure. Was it worth the wait? Don’t know, mate. I am just glad that he is here because this figure is already late […]

TalentCell Mini UPS 98 Wh

If you live in an area where city power is rather unstable, you tend to grow quite conscious about electricity availability. Now, unless you plan to go completely off-grid which is a large investment on its own, all you can do is purchase UPS and some power banks to keep what you consider essential online […]

[EBO] Darjeeling 1/12 scale garage kit

This is Girls und Panzer Darjeeling 1/12 scale garage kit by EBO. To be honest with you, I wasn’t going out of my way to acquire this kit, mainly because it was 1/12 scale and I didn’t like the overall design. My main focus is 1/16 scale because that’s the scale of tanks I collect. […]

Type 94 1/16 scale by Takom

This is Type 94 tankette 1/16 scale. This is going to be my last 1/16 scale tank kit from Takom because I’ve purchased all of their 1/16 scale kits. The type 94 is a really tiny tank. I am not even sure whether this tank can be classified as a light tank. It is more […]

Girls und Panzer: The Fir Tree and the Iron-Winged Witch

This is Girls und Panzer: The Fir Tree and the Iron-Winged Witch. It is basically a spin-off manga series like GuP Ribbon warrior. For me, I do not like the artwork from the main series. I feel it’s too generic. I was drawn to the series primarily due to tanks and tank battles rather than the […]

Renault FT 1/16 by Takom

This is Renault FT 1/16 by Takom. I actually sourced this within Canada which surprised me since it’s rare to be able to get anything uncommon in this country.

GuP diorama project: Jatkosota

There is a rather iconic scene for Jatkosota high school in Girls und Panzer. More specifically, it’s for Mika, Aki, and Mikko.It is a camping scene and that is what I am hoping to recreate here.The scene was featured in Jatkosota high school drama CD.

[Amie-Grand] Girls und Panzer kit No.002

This is Amie-Grand Girls und Panzer kit No.002 Kuromorimine Girls Academy. This is a garage kit. This is a kit I’ve had for about a year. I made only Koume Akaboshi in 2019 out of the tree since I didn’t not think I’d end up building a Tiger I 1/16 scale.

Hobby Boss Tiger 1/16 scale painting

This is a continuation of my previous blog entry, Hobby boss Tiger 1/16 scale mid production kit. It is time to paint and finish this tank. I’ve removed a shovel prop on front and another shovel on top. Since they would leave holes if left untouched, I’ve filled the holes with model paste and let it […]

[Maid-san] [Recast] GuP Amaretto 1/12 scale garage kit

This is a 1/12 scale Amaretto garage kit from Girls und Panzer series. I will be honest with you. I had no idea who this was until I googled. Even then, I didn’t have clear memories of seeing her.

Heng Long T-34 1/16 scale RC

This is Heng Long T-34 1/16 scale RC. The box is about 58cm in width, 28cm in height. In inches, it’s 23 by 11 inches.Basically, it’s a huge box. You can get this fairly cheap, far cheaper than what you’d have to pay for a proper 1/16 scale T-34 kit which you will need to […]

Hobby Boss Tiger 1/16 scale mid-production

This is Hobby boss Tiger 1/16 scale kit, mid production model. For a 1/16 scale tank kit, this is brutally cheap. You should be able to grab this at 75 USD. However, due to its massive box size, do expect to shell out a fair amount for shipping.

[Volks] Reizei Mako 1/16 scale garage kit

Volks is one of few Japanese companies that manufacture garage kits professionally, meaning their products are not as hard to get compared to other garage kits out there. You can visit their website for more info.

[Overdard] 1/16 scale garage kit Yukari Akiyama

There are people who say they enjoy working with garage kits. Alas, I am not one of them, primarily because failure is generally not an option for anime garage kits.

Ammo 1/16 Panzer 1 Breda painted and complete

This is a continuation from a previous blog entry. I’ve previously introduced you Ammo Panzer 1 Breda version. This is where it’s been painted.

Ammo 1/16 Panzer 1 Breda Spanish Civil War version

I’ve been dormant in tank building for a while simply because there was nothing else for me to build. However, deep down, I’ve always wanted to get into 1/16 kits because 1/35 tanks are … just too small and there are no decent 1/35 figures to go with.In 1/16 scale, there are plenty of choices […]

My 2U Rackmount media PC on UPS

I’ve always liked rackmount stuff. It was partially because the whole setup could look very organized on outside. And, if you plan to own more than few computers, rackmounting them could make sense.

GuP diorama project blog: Pravda and Anzio

This is an old project of mine. This diorama project was done in June of 2019. With my old website gone along with its entries, I figured I’d at least restore this one.

NieR: Automata YoRha No. 2 Type B Deluxe edition

I often hesitate when deciding to purchase a figure, especially when it costs over 300 Canadian rubles.But, when I saw a pre-order opening for a proper 2B figure by Flare, on that occasion there was very little doubt about my decision to purchase this.

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