Photography: Let me hug you.

This is a photo using the new tank (or SPG) I’ve built, SU-100. I’ve also found darker play-sand and am using it here. It’s really dry though. I guess it’s been sitting in a storage for years if not a decade. The sand is supposed to be sealed but the seal was literally broken down into elements when I got it.

The scale is nicely unified at 1/16 scale with Heng Long T-34/85 RC, Trumpeter SU-100, and Amie-Grand Katyusha & Clara.

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Photography: Angel fish team assemble!

I’ve had a vision for this photography for some time. It has taken me months to be able to produce this.

The stuff involved in this photo are Panzer IV 1/16 scale (Full kit), Volks 1/16 scale Angelfish team members (Miho, Mako, Hana, Saori, and Yukari). All of these stuff are fairly easy to obtain. It’s just a matter of commitment and spending powers.

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Photography: Rosehip 3

Yet another Rosehip scene. Can you blame me though, the girl is hilarious.

This is the first time I use play-sand or “slimy sand”. The reason I use this instead of regular plain ol’ sand is due to cleanup. Sand, as some people claim, “gets in everywhere”. It’s hard to shape as well. I’d have to wet it and it just complicates things.

This slimy sand, though, acts like dry clay and is really easy to clean up as well as shape.

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