Photography: Let me hug you.

This is a photo using the new tank (or SPG) I’ve built, SU-100. I’ve also found darker play-sand and am using it here. It’s really dry though. I guess it’s been sitting in a storage for years if not a decade. The sand is supposed to be sealed but the seal was literally broken down into elements when I got it.

The scale is nicely unified at 1/16 scale with Heng Long T-34/85 RC, Trumpeter SU-100, and Amie-Grand Katyusha & Clara.

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Girls und Panzer Phase Erika

This is a Girls und Panzer spin-off series specifically focusing on Erika as its MC. This was released in 2017.

This spin-off manga is well deserved since the main story barely covers her. She is a fairly important character and does take over as the commander of Kuromorimine once Maho graduates.

This review will contain some spoilers as I couldn’t make a review without some.

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Photography: Angel fish team assemble!

I’ve had a vision for this photography for some time. It has taken me months to be able to produce this.

The stuff involved in this photo are Panzer IV 1/16 scale (Full kit), Volks 1/16 scale Angelfish team members (Miho, Mako, Hana, Saori, and Yukari). All of these stuff are fairly easy to obtain. It’s just a matter of commitment and spending powers.

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