[Overdard] 1/16 scale garage kit Yukari Akiyama

There are people who say they enjoy working with garage kits. Alas, I am not one of them, primarily because failure is generally not an option for anime garage kits.

Japanese garage kits are very hard to find. And, even if you do somehow manage to find one, its quantity is generally one. If lucky, you may be able to find recast ones.

Its rarity means one thing: failure is not an option and that gives me some pressure.

This Overdard kit was a random find back in 2019. I was browsing Mandrake online shop for Girls und Panzer garage kits and this was in stock to my amusement. I was specifically looking for 1/16 scale garage kits. Therefore, this kit proved to be perfect.

Of course, whether it was in fact in stock was questionable but it – was – in stock and they shipped it to me.

I was somewhat nervous going into this kit. If I hadn’t had previous (failed) experience with garage kits, I would have probably not went for it.

For the record, I do like skin-colored resin kits because it saves my time trying to paint skin, which is often the hardest and trickiest part when panting a garage kit.

I wish I could have recorded the progress better but I was quite nervous and determined to make this a success that I gave up recording the progress –

– because it was highly unlikely that I’d run into another GuP Overdard garage kit ever again. Failure was not an option.

So, above you see the final result which came out not too bad. I’d call it a success.

Compared to Volks 1/16 garage kit, I have, I do think Overdard kit is better by a simple fact that Yukari’s head is in a proper size.

I don’t know why but all Volks GuP garage kits have their heads enlarged by around 25%. I assume it’s to give some sort of chibi effect or whatnot, but as a direct result, Volks figures don’t go too well with other 1/16 figures.

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